Happy Valentine’s Day

At the moment my girls are separated from the eligible bachelors who live at Naomi’s house so I haven’t been able to take many new pictures of couples for a long time. However, today I’m going to share a few old ones which haven’t previously been seen here so you can see who some of the regular characters used to date.

I am not sure who all these Kens are now as so many playline Ken’s are either Bridegrooms or Princes. Many of them were not branded as Ken, in fact some did not get a name at all just “Handsome Groom” or “Fairytale Prince” . Like me Naomi bought a lot of her early dolls loose from markets or eBay so we use the internet and books to ID them.

The ones she bought in the last ten years we are more certain about although once you redress them it is hard to tell as Mattel tends to use the same facial expression and hairstyle over and over for a couple of years rather than varying them around.


  • Georgie is Denim Basics Ken 2010 -He is one of my favourites of Naomi’s guys
  • Jasper I think is Charm School Nicholas from 2010.
  • Mike looks like University Route 66 Ken 2003 – I like his more natural look as most of the Ken’s of that time had slicked back hair.
  • Dan is Fashion Fever “Modern Trends” Ken from 2006
  • Adam looks like Butterfly Prince Ken from 1993 – I’m basing my guess on his lighter colour hair and those blue eyes which Anna thinks are amazing.

Although it does not seem to have been updated for some years Keeping Ken is a good resource for ID’s of older Ken and friend dolls.





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  1. What attractive couples, I’m glad the dolls have romance and are quite distinctive from each other. I think Jasper is particularly good looking:)

    Can’t wait to see more of my favorites Marissa and Midge and am a bit disappointed not to see Valentine’s Day dates for them.


    • Hi Dani, Sharon thinks Jasper is pretty handsome too. I’m sorry not to have got a Marissa or Midge post done for Valentine’s Day. I had a very busy week with tradespeople coming to my house and it wasn’t a good time for picture taking. However, there may be a belated story in the future.


  2. “The course of true love never did run smooth.” You can’t hurry love or inspiration, so I look forward to your posts whenever you have the time, especially since they have a narrative and require time to set up 🙂

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  3. these are gorgeous couples, hoping for a love connection if my Bollywood boy ever arrives. Then Rhet Butlers tux will get loaned out again, or a pajama themed movie date night. Hope things got all sorted out.

    Liked by 1 person

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