Fashion Doll Friday – Magic Jewel Ken 2002

This week’s doll is one of my display dolls. He is still in his original outfit. I can’t be sure which one he is but he would be circa 1997-8 . He is not Great Date Ken as I have him as well. I thought he might be Handsome Groom from 2004 at first but then I remembered that Naomi has him as well and he was one of the earlier dolls she bought. He’s not exactly a mystery doll but Mattel made way too many Ken’s dressed like this with little to tell them apart.

Update: Reader Laurel correctly identified him as Magic Jewel Ken from 2002 so mystery solved.



  1. what is the date on kens head? He doe look like great date the forien (non usa) version,the us version had a print on the tie and cumberbun.they dated 95-96..But there were several kens that looked just the same..


    • There were Laurel and I have Great Date Ken foreign version as well so I know this is not him. A lot of the Ken’s around the late 90s had this hair style just different outfits. Great Date Ken had a shiny fabric and a flower in his lapel here. This one has plain fabric which I think is nicer actually.


  2. there were three versions of the forien one. That is a mystery, pity it didn’t have a box. the turquoise dress Barbie wears (non usa one) is gorgeous with petals on it. (printed on kens box) the us one is pink. with whole oversized flowers.there were great pics on identify ken doll link.


      • did you try magic jewel ken? he is virtually identical and he came in a black version too, which I would love to find.but I know he was nineties but I don’t know what year.i found them on keeping ken-parts department,a decent reference, considering most of my kens came naked and in lots it helps me try to dress them sort of in their correct time.


      • Bingo! That’s him! I quite forgot about him even though I spent ages looking at Keeping Ken I did not look in the parts department. I wonder why that site is not updated any more .It is such a great reference for Ken.


  3. i love this site,as I have more than a few nineties kens maybe a few more tuxes would work for them..i have one dressed like a prince but classic Allan with black hair looks better as a replacement for an odd snow white I have..has blue eyes. maybe she’s a clone.



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