Fashion Doll Friday – Active Sindy in Pony Club

Fashion Doll Friday is a little late this week as I had a man repairing windows here today and as he was working both in the doll room and by the computer it was better to post after he left for the day.

I have featured this Sindy in this outfit before when I mostly talked about her outfit. She now has a four-legged companion but this is not a Sindy horse. It is a generic one I bought with a clone doll.

This is an Active Sindy from the 1970s. She has a very hard head with high colouring, double jointed waist, riveted shoulders and wrist joints.

My best guess is that she is Active Sindy from 1974-5 or possibly a later one from 1977.

This is how Sindy looked when I got her.

This is how Sindy looked when I got her. The poor girl needs a whole new body.

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  1. This is the one that i lusted after as a child , my mother didnt buy me toys let alone this one …lol ..ive made up for it many years later and now rescue dollies that look unloved


    • If you mean the marks on Sindy’s body it is worse than that. It’s glue. Someone must have made a bad repair on her. She was badly mistreated, she has melt marks and chews on her and half her hair is missing. I kept her because of her lovely face.


  2. Sindy can consider herself very lucky to have found a sanctuary in your doll room. She must have lived in a very rough spot before. Her face is very lovely, I can relate why you kept her.

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  3. I will keep my eyes pealed this spring as I hit the swap meets, I’m still looking for a Sindi, I’ve lost too many lots because the bidding went too high.She apparently is still pretty popular. I did win a Tammy car that was very much almost the same colors as a Barbie Bel Aire I had, but it was in pieces and missing a steering wheel. I have found some dolls every bit as badly glued as your lovely gal.I am glad to rescue them if I have good costumes. I finally managed to dress a damaged Shirley Temple as Heidi. However certain issues still illude me, are there any opinions on when/if to repaint a doll who is missing eye brows because some one used finger nail polish to clean her? She is a sweet grown up Tammy with gorgeous red lips but no blush or eyebrows. Maybe just add a jaunty hat, or a hoodie. I really wish I knew why some sellers go to such pains to improve these dolls instead of letting them go as is.


    • That’s a good point Laurel and worth discussing. Many collectors say that repainting a doll affects its value. On the other hand if it is already damaged you are not really going to do it any harm. I may write a post on this subject in the near future. If you are planning to keep Tammy or rehome her with a child I think it would be fine to repaint her. If you plan to sell her I think it is fine as long as you mention it when selling. If you are not sure you can make it look the same as the other eyebrow leave it alone.


  4. Thanks! I think I will love her as she is, after all I have seen some women without eyebrows or some barely there. Cher and Farrah and Mork from Ork were obvious glue jobs I was able to costume over, because I love them. I haven’t tried selling yet, but I do rehome if it is in good enough shape to hold up.Also if I have too many duplictes, (thisw year was Ginger spice,ha!) I try to leave them better than I got them,and above all have fun!.

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