What’s New at the Tammy House – Moving Day

After their holiday away at Christmas Mom finally persuaded Dad that their rapidly growing household needed a bigger home so the whole family has moved to temporary accommodation until a larger home can be found for them. The Tressy’s were not happy when the whole family including Dodie and Peace moved in next door to them. It was bad enough getting kicked out of their cabinet apartment.

The Tammy Family have outgrown their home.
The Tammy Family have outgrown their home.
The Tressy's are not impressed.
The Tressy’s are not impressed.

In the meantime the Tammy House has been left in the possession of the lodgers. Marissa is delighted. Could she have been whispering in someone’s ear with convincing reasons to move? “This place is such a  great investment property for you.” “You could build your dream home.”

Of course this means that the house will always be available for fashion shoots, parties and any other shenanigans that Marissa can dream up.

Pete is quite pleased about the new arrangements. Marissa has given him a key already so he can drop in any time he likes.

Marissa has given Pete a key.
Marissa has given Pete a key.
Pete can come over whenever he likes.
Pete can come over whenever he likes.

Midge had not planned to move in with Marissa permanently but the lease is up on her old place so she will stay on  for now. She’s still seeing Clark, in fact she thought that he was here. He rushed off to the bathroom and right now she’s wondering what Clark’s clothes are doing there with no sign of Clark anywhere.

"Where's Clark? And what on earth is he wearing?"
“Where’s Clark? And what on earth is he wearing?”

Clark is having problems of his own. He has a secret that he’s wondering if he should share with Midge and he’s also finding it very difficult to find a decent phone box these days.

"It's so hard to find a decent phone box these days."
“It’s so hard to find a decent phone box these days.”
Clark has a secret.
Clark has a secret.

As Tammy’s Mom and Dad still own the house they will probably visit from time to time to check on their tenants. Let’s hope they don’t have cause to regret their decision.



  1. I think it’s about time Midge got herself a life away from these awful people! Sorry but Marissa and the two guys are really annoying. Sorry but she never seems to have a mind of her own in this story.


  2. Glad to see my favorites Midge and Marissa. Let’s hope Marissa does not engage in “Risky Business” when she’s “Home Alone” and turn the residence into an “Animal House” lol 😉

    Speaking of residence, hope the work in your home is going well or completed to your satisfaction:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cute story. This looks like more stories of Marissa and Midge are on their way. I’m looking forward to that. Hopefully Midge can keep Marissas mischief in check. The picture of Clark and the little phone booth is so cute. Nice to meet the dolls on your shelves.


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