Fashion Doll Friday – Skipper in Town Togs



Today’s doll is my childhood Titian haired Skipper wearing a new outfit I just bought for her called “Town Togs” I always admired this outfit as a child and was lucky to buy this one in great condition from a local seller here in Tasmania.




  1. Oooohhh, what a smart outfit, I can see why you covet it. I love how well-made and retro it is. The kelly green complements Skipper’s titian hair. Congratulations on your acquisition 🙂

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    • I like it so much I may leave it on her. It suits her colouring better than the outfit she was wearing and my other Skippers are not as old so it is less appropriate on them.


  2. Love the red hair, and the sweet poor skippers need an ugrade! Put something over those bathing suits. I was going to do some crocheted o hand sewn mermaid tails like I see on the internet for girls and bigger dolls. However I adore the outfit..maybe I can find a pattern..what an inspiration!


  3. This is one of my favorite Skipper outfits and it suits your Skipper perfectly. So 60s. It also makes me sad for today’s little girls, who will never feel the joy of dressing their dolls in such perfect little fashions.We were so lucky being little girls in the 60s.

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    • We were. The dolls we played with had wonderful outfits and however much litle girls have changed in 50 years I’m sure they would still enjoy dressing their dolls.


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