I Spent Too Much and I’m Not Sorry

Have you ever noticed how things that you really want to buy for your collection often turn up at the same time?

And have you ever noticed how this invariably happens when you are trying not to buy stuff?

Yes I had one of those weeks, well one of those months really. I see a lot of things on eBay, Etsy and Amazon in particular that I want but most of the time I can resist because I know that  I should not be spending money on dolls when I have other things to pay for and especially not when I will have to pack the whole lot up and move it some time this year.

However, when you see something you’ve been after for a long time it is hard to resist. As you know I bought Skipper’s “Town Togs” which I featured on last Friday’s post.

Skipper without her coat.

Recently I had the opportunity to buy two books I wanted at good prices. Now that I have the blog I feel even more than ever that I need a good library of doll books to refer to and as my own personal collection has a lot of British dolls in it how could I pass up these two which I have wanted for some time?

Then Naomi asked me what Sindy outfits I was still looking for and when I told her she sent me some links.

I have quite a few of the original Sindy outfits now but I didn’t have “Skater Girl”. Now I do.

Sindy in Skater Girl
Sindy in Skater Girl

The same seller also had a Paul doll wearing “London Look” another one from my wish list. I had a visa gift card to use so I bought him too plus a couple of other items of clothing.

Paul , Sindy’s boyfriend

As if that wasn’t enough I also decided,completely out of character, to buy a “Mystery Lot” of fashion doll outfits. Normally I would never buy stuff without knowing what it looked like but somehow I trusted the seller who was downsizing her own collection and bought them. I will be showing you all of these outfits plus updating my Sindy page with new photos in the near future but here is a taster.

Tressy in an untagged retro fashion.

Now I really feel like I should stop looking for stuff or even at stuff but I probably won’t. When you are a collector there is always something more to take your fancy and as long as I pay my bills and have enough money for the essentials of life I’m probably going to keep on doing it no matter how many times I say that I won’t.


  1. wow, wonder if we are ever bidding on some of the same stuff. I was looking at a Paul auction but was having too many bids on other auctions come up at the same time, plus some going over what I had planned to pay. I haven’t even been able to go to the local thrift shoppe lately, with out actually donating to thin a few duplicates out.(my last MIB Ginger spice will finally find a new home, so I can reclaim my closet). I ran into an old friend that I used to do genealogy with and she collects some of the same movie dolls I do,so I can give her duplicates and reclaim some cabinet space.Rotate less dolls more often.

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  2. I look forward to seeing more of your new acquisitions. I had something similar happen to me: my favorite Barbies are Fashion Fever, and just when I decided that the limited edition United Colors of Benetton London doll would be the apotheosis of my collection, a lot of 5 dolls appeared on eBay and I won the auction for the London, Paris, New York, Stockholm and Helsinki dolls. I didn’t really want them all, but it paid off as I was able to resell two dolls leaving me with the ones I really want. I never thought I would be able get the London and Paris dolls! So we have to act when opportunity knocks.


  3. so I was reviewing your dollhouse post as I was so excited as I just won an on-line e-bay for a Marx tin one, and a little worried as it was so poorly documented, only one photo so don’t know dimensions or scale. Also there wasn’t any mention of if I would have to reassemble it. I believe it said it came with furniture, but I’m so excited it’s hard to wait. I went on-line to look at possible pictures of it’s front as the only pic was of the interior. The only real distinguishing features are two chimneys and a red roof. I have some vintage dollhouse figures that might be too big and a few vintage cake topper figures. I think it was a good enough price compared to other on-line sales I attempted before but I know this will meal a lot of new research.


    • Yes there is a lot to learn about dolls houses and Naomi and I will try to go into this a bit more later. Scale will either be 1:24 or 1:16. Some sellers do disassemble them for postage. Naomi will be able to tell you a bit more probably.


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