Doll Detective Mailbag – Chiltern Teen Doll Update

Some time ago reader Lynne sent in a photo of her Chiltern Teen doll which was given to her in 1960.

My recently acquired “British Dolls of the 1960s” by Susan Brewer has a chapter on the large teen dolls. They were very popular in the 1950s and early 1960s just before twelve-inch fashion dolls appeared on the scene. Most of the major manufacturers made them. In Britain that meant, Pedigree, Rosebud, Roddy, Palitoy, Chiltern and Faerie Glen.

These dolls were dressed in the style of the day and their outfits were a little more formal than teens of the later 1960s wore because at that time young girls tended to dress in the same styles as their mothers. Teen fashions had not yet been invented.

The most popular size in the Chiltern range was fifteen and a half inches which is what Lynne’s doll is. They also made a larger one of nineteen inches and the smaller eleven inch one I mentioned in my previous post.

The article goes on to say that the dolls were made in a quality vinyl and had painted finger and toe nails. The doll in the illustration in my book wears a wide skirted cotton dress with red stars and a blue collar on a white background but I’m sure this was not the only outfit the doll came in. Apparently Chiltern and the other companies also made dolls clothing which was sold separately.

The teen dolls were just one type of doll made by Chiltern so I may do a post about the company’s other products later.



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