Mystery Fashion Show

Recently on eBay I saw a “Mystery Lot” of fashion doll clothes labelled “to fit Fashion Royalty etc.” I don’t usually bid on or buy things when there are no photographs but something told me that I should buy this lot so I did. Today they arrived and there were half a dozen professionally made fashions. These were handed over to Jan who arranged the showing.

As some of the fashions had a retro look to them Jan decided to invite a variety of models. There were two shoots, the first one was indoors but Jan was not totally happy with the  results so she invited some of the girls to come back and do some more pictures on location outdoors. The weather was perfect for the outdoor shoot and everyone enjoyed the day out.

The Models:

  • Jan – Barbie Model Muse body
  • Malibu – Midge Barbie straight body
  • Casey – Francie type body
  • Krystyna – Barbie Model Muse body
  • Tressy – Palitoy Tressy
  • Diana – Fashion Fever body
  • Alex – Fashion Royalty Poppy Parker

The Fashions:

Tressy is first in a retro styled mini dress which although a little tight across the back is quite a good fit on her.

Tressy in an untagged retro fashion.
Tressy in an untagged retro fashion.

Malibu Barbie is next wearing a halter necked playsuit in pink and black. This is a nice fit on the original Barbie body.

Malibu in halter playsuit.
Malibu in halter playsuit.

Next is Casey wearing another retro styled mini dress in shades of pink with a white collar. This dress is very short so it looks great on Casey who is a bit shorter than the other models. Jan asks Tressy if she will also model the dress and she agrees but finds the dress tight across her back and remarks that this is a lot shorter than she usually wears her clothes.

Jan comes out next with an apricot halter dress in a stretch fabric. This is a great fit on her although the stretch fabric probably means it would look good on the more well-developed models as well.

Jan in apricot coloured halter dress.
Jan in apricot coloured halter dress.

Diana comes next in a pink and mauve gown with a full skirt. Although she is a little wider in the hips the dress fits her fairly well. It does look a little high-waisted on Diana though I think.

Diana in a pink lace trimmed gown.

Krystyna and Alex are both modelling a ball gown in a red and gold oriental designed fabric.  This gown has an amazing full skirt and is a good fit both on the Model Muse and Fashion Royalty body type.

Krystyna in red strapless evening gown.
Krystyna in red strapless evening gown.
Alex in the red and gold ball gown.

At the end the models pose together for a photo as usual.

The group photo mysery fashions
The group photo mystery fashions
Some of the girls from the outdoor shoot.


  1. You made a great acquisition. The Barbie playline fashions now are so horrible they are making me nostalgic for the Complete Look packs that came out before :p


  2. This proves we should always listen to that little voice in the back of our heads. You made a great score with this lot. The red ball gown is to die for. Casey’s dress is also very pretty, it reminds me of the vintage Francie fashions. So much better than today’s offerings.


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