Fashion Doll Friday – Paul in London Look


    • He does look good in tweed. The Motorway Man outfit which is worn by my other Paul is tweed pants and a suede jacket. I think it came with a tweed cap but I don’t have that. Paul’s fashions were based on the Mod style of the Beatles and similar bands so kind of boy bands of their day.


  1. have to save up for him, boy is he popular! auctions go up way too fast. He has such a sweet face,He would blend in so many collections, even as a very young boy in my Littlechap family. which will have older daughter Judy arriving soon, in time for spring break. Guess another Ginger spice will be making a new home to add space.


    • There are a couple of versions of Paul, one is a mini version who does look more like a young boy and another has rooted hair. He was not made for very long so he is a bit harder to find at a good price than Sindy.


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