Happy Birthday Barbie

If I had remembered that today was Barbie’s birthday my Friday post would have been devoted to her. However I think she deserves one anyway.

Barbie is 58 years old, older than my sister but younger than I am so she’s very much of my generation. She’s had  a controversial life but despite the criticism and even despite Mattel’s attempt to kill her with mediocrity at times Barbie survives. As we say in Australia “Good onya Barbie.” Happy Birthday



  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I also love the yellow outfit. Most of my collection is contemporary though I like the vintage faces of my Modern Circle Melodies and I recently acquired the articulated brunette Silkstone Barbie. What do you think of the pivotal Silkstone dolls?

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  2. All so lovely! ,I wonder when Ken’s birthday is?( did he get her something?) Maybe a nice double date to the theater with Midge and Alan. I Love the fashions! I have a homemade copy of the red and white dress, but Yours is so chic with the gloves and gold belt! I know this will have me looking through my vintage cases to span the decades with these classics.I loved the reproduction Babie so much (mines brunette) so much I cast her as scarlet o’hara (Gone with the wind) in the red feather dress, she was so much prettier than the other doll. Barbie makes every day fun!


  3. That would be tragic, she is timeless. Wow..Ken is a boy toy, But what is Barbie when she flirts with Alan? Maybe it’s an over 50 thing. Maybe Barbie and Midge will date boy banders next, that’s too weird..maybe skipper, she did do a magazine video spread in the eighties with the Rockers. Sixty for Barbie should be Mackey fabulous..

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  4. Roll out the pink cake with the pink candles and don’t forget the pink presents wrapped in pink paper and tied with a pink bow! 🙂

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  5. Inspired!..I do have a cake but not exactly pink..but a banner and balloons! and presents, (Wilton cake toppers)and an airing for my vintage Barbies in cases! (Maybe they will all wear pink!) You gals have the best ideas!


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