Fashion Doll Friday – Happy St Patrick’s Day

Irish Kelly

Kelly in Irish costume.

I only remembered yesterday that today is St Patrick’s Day so today’s doll is Irish Kelly. She has been featured before but she’s such a cutie that I didn’t think anyone would mind.



  1. Love this Little Lassie! Kelly and friends because I don’t know all the names welcomed, a new friend Penny, who even coaxed Orphin Annie to visit the munchkins (Happy meal Toys/McDonnalds ), and the faries and woodlin creatures in the doll case. Everyone is getting ready for Spring! this is a welcome outimg as many of the grown -ups (dolls) are going on vacation/storage till next fall/winter).We are running out of space! Shirley may have to make way for Laurel and Hardy , the Gone with the wind dolls are battling for shelf space,and anything that isn’t in a case has Devil cat “fluffy” to contend with Sister Heidi aka angel cat, mostly hangs with the dogs, she doesn’t care about the shuffling around.An other Lovely (not so Little lass is my Erin by Christine Heath Orange. She has red curls and a sweet green cotton dress with a cream colored sweater/jumper and to replace the doll someone took from her in the thrift store, a cute bunny for spring I will make a Minnie rag doll replacement for her if I rehome her to my sisters place.(Who happens to have two daughters that ae/were almost the blond spitting image.Look at me attling on..who can blame me as such a lovely muse or should I say sprite, guides my thought on St. Patricks day!

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