Op Shop Babies

I’ve an army of dolls I’ve been bringing home from the Op Shop to clean up. I’m very slow at making clothes for them but here is a before and after of one of them. I would like to have repainted his mouth but didn’t have any suitable paint. Perhaps his new family will take care of that.



  1. Wow that is awesome! I’m assuming you used the acne treatment on him. I have this exact same doll and it’s battery operated and is soooo life like:) Thanks for sharing the before and after pics. The outfit is perfect. Wish I could sew like that:)


    • It’s very bad sewing actually. I should have taken a lot more care but wanted something to be ready. A lot of the battery toys we get don’t work any more but they can still have a second life as cuddly toys for little children. A lot of the crayon came off with a good wash, luckily it was not paint but I used the acne treatment for the tough stains.


  2. You did a great job. Now he doesn’t look like he stepped off of a space ship from the planet XYZ. Kid sure give toys a hard time.


    • He was pretty scary looking when I got him and was actually headed for the bin but I felt sure I could do something with him. Kids are rough on toys and I wish their mums would teach them to play properly like our mum did.


    • I think it’s OK if you don’t make her very wet. I just used a damp cloth as she was more dusty than anything else. Dry dusted her first then filled a cup with lukewarm water and a splash of dish washing liquid and wiped her over and dried her with a towel. I like 9-1-1 for cleaning dolls but it costs an arm and a leg to get it sent here so I use it for seriously dirty dolls only. I suggest you try a tiny bit of your Miss Revlon where it won’t notice too much first.


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