Fashion Doll Friday – Mattel Straight Leg Skooter 1965

Today’s doll is Skipper’s friend Skooter who was first introduced in 1965. Skooter is the same size as Skipper and can wear her clothes which is just as well as she has none of her own. Skooter was sold with brown eyes and blonde, brunette or titian bunches. Her freckled face makes me wonder if she was meant to be Midge’s sister. Originally she wore a two piece red and white bathing suit.

A bendable version of Skooter was available during 1966-67.

I have redressed Skooter in Skipper’s “Silk’n’Fancy” and “Dress Coat”.



  1. Doesn’t she look smart in her red attire! She would certainly make a lovely sister for Midge! I rarely see her on e-bay but I have some early skippers that would love her spunky personality among them. Guess I will keep looking.


    • I have seen her around on eBay so I’m sure you will find one eventually. I was quite surprised to find that Naomi did not have one as she has Ricky the little boy.


  2. I have always loved Skooter’s mischievous expression, she is adorable. I have a straight leg blonde and a bendable leg brunette Skooter in my collection. Like you, I have always considered her to be the little sister of Midge. In my childhood I also took Living Fluff as P.J.’s little sister.

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