World Doll Day is Coming

Ashley over at Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter recently posted about hosting a toy drive for World Doll Day in June.

I reblogged it on My Other Blog as I thought that many of you who read this blog also read hers while people on my non doll blog might not. I wanted to reblog it here also but WordPress won’t let me so I’m posting it as a link instead in case anyone missed it.

If anyone knows of a similar scheme in their own home country perhaps you’d like to donate to that instead. Or start one perhaps.

I’m grateful for the early heads up as World Doll Day usually sneaks up on me too. I want to try to think of something to do for it. At least I can get all the dolls I have at home from the Op Shop redressed and ready for resale.

We sold two baby dolls I had redressed last Sunday at our stall at the Geeveston Family Fun Day and the lady who bought them commented that some new baby dolls like Baby Born were very  expensive and of course we don’t have any department stores or toy stores in Geeveston so it’s not easy to buy dolls here anyway.

Redressed dolls headed back to the Op Shop

I have to admit that I do get mad when I see the state of some of the dolls that come in and I wish that parents would take the time to teach the children not to scribble on them or leave them naked in the garden. I don’t blame the children so much as they don’t know any better I suppose but sometimes the mothers act as if it were perfectly normal and doesn’t matter. Last week I met a lady whose daughter had just been given her very first doll, she had come in to look in our basket of dolls clothes for some dresses for it so I am hopeful that this mum will teach her daughter how to play dolls nicely.



  1. As we belong to a gun range one of the gals collects toys for families at a nearby military housing for Christmas, new toys and MIB dolls, so I’ll just donate early in June. Sounds like a lovely idea. Do wish we were closer s I’ve just de-franken dollied several blonde Barbies,etc.. to appropriate heads/bodies. No room in storage, and swap meet not opening yet. Suppose I could sell a few at a yard sale for toy money to donate more.My misfit toys missing limbs will still be well cared for and loved at home but your idea is brilliant, so I can just start earlier this year.


    • Not my idea Laurel, Ashley’s idea and the charity has been running for some time I think. I’m just spreading the word. Selling some of your pre-loved dollies and using the money to buy new ones or gift vouchers is a great idea too.


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