Triang Model No. 61 Has Arrived

Our Triang dolls house arrived at Naomi’s house earlier this week and today she brought it round to my house for me to photograph. I’m keeping it till the next time she visits so that I can take pictures of it furnished as well.

Here it is sitting next to my Dolly Mix house.

foreground Dolly Mix house and next to it the Triang 61
Triang Model No. 61 circa 1939 – Made in England.

We are thrilled by the condition of this old house. It still has so many of its original features like the flower box outside. The windows are all present and in good condition. I can’t say if they have been replaced or not. They are in much better shape than those on the Dolly Mix. We were told that the curtains are the originals.

We think these are the original curtains.

Below is the room which is known as the Sun Porch. The little bench at the back is another part that often gets lost. The “brick” flooring is still in good shape.

Triang 61 circa 1939 - porch
The sun porch

Next door is probably meant to be a kitchen/living room. I don’t recall mine having this flooring because I think I used to use the sun porch as a kitchen although fussy child that I was I was never entirely happy with that arrangement. My house had been carpeted by the previous owner. If I had seen that black and white linoleum I’d have said “Kitchen” as soon as I saw it. The holes in the back wall are for lighting.

Triang Model 61 downstairs
The downstairs room.

The 61 is a funny house in some respects. The centre front is easily accessible but the upstairs area is all one room and although it is easy enough for little hands to reach inside you can’t actually see the furniture at either end, there are no stairs and no bathroom. I can’t remember how I handled the bathroom problem as a child. I did think it odd that a house would have a garage for a car and no bathroom. Our family did not have a car and nor did most of our neighbours but we all had bathrooms.

Upstairs it looks like the original floor paper which although a bit dingy is intact. The wallpaper has not fared as well. It looks like it has water damage. We will probably replace it eventually.

Triang 61 upstairs
The upper floor
Garage Triang 61
The garage doors.

Above is the garage, the floor is the same brick paper as the Sun Porch but this is pretty worn and will need to be replaced. I think the wooden doors were one of the things I liked best about my doll’s house.

We do have to replace a chimney but Naomi’s friend Leigh who is very handy and good at this sort of thing says he can replace it. It was Leigh who made me new windows for the Dolly Mix house.

As well as the house Naomi has also loaned me a big box of vintage dolls house furniture. She has been collecting it for about ten years and when we spread it out on my dining table it looked like this.

vintage dolls house furniture.
Naomi’s vintage plastic dolls house furniture.

Naomi says that she thinks that there may be another box of furniture at home somewhere but this is most of it we think.

Over the weekend I will sort it by size and by manufacturer, photograph it and eventually write a post about each type of furniture.

I will also put some into the Model 61 so you can see how it looks furnished although most of this furniture would be from the 50s, 60s and possibly early 70s.

Some of the brands I’ll be showing you are Triang, Renwal, Bluebox, Kleeware and Plastico.

Two exhausted furniture shoppers


  1. This is just wonderful! I love seeing these beautiful doll houses, but the furniture is particularly delightful for me. I grew up in the USA and also had doll houses in the 1950s and early 60s, one made of metal and one wooden one that my father built. Unfortunately, the wooden one was too big for the small furniture and too small for Barbie so it was a struggle to play with it – I think mostly stuffed animals lived in it. Even though our doll houses were different, the plastic furniture is extraordinarily similar to mine and brings back such memories when I see your photos!


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