Rosebud Babies

A few weeks ago I showed you Naomi’s six-inch Rosebud baby doll which she had just bought from eBay. Here is her friend Cocoa also by Rosebud.

Naomi had two dolls like this as a small child and these replacement dolls are named after them. Cocoa suffered a tragic fate. Only a short time after Naomi got her she was dropped and her head, made of brittle hard plastic, was smashed in. Naomi has never forgotten it. She is fairly sure that she did not do it as she doesn’t remember getting into trouble for being careless. She thinks that mum might have been the culprit.

Ada and Cocoa are here because Naomi asked me to knit them new outfits. Ada has a nice little outfit as you can see but Naomi would like her to have something similar to the colours that Original Ada wore. As far as we can remember that was cream with blue trim. We’re not sure exactly what her outfit was, Naomi thinks leggings, I think she had a little dress but we both remember a knitted jacket. As for Cocoa she needs something a bit better fitting and in a brighter colour. As it happened I found some yellow cotton yarn at the Op Shop the other day which would be perfect.  I will make them identical outfits in different colours.

As I’m very anxious that nothing should happen to the babies while they are with me they are going to be staying in these wicker chairs which Naomi gave me the other day and placed in an area where they can’t be knocked over.

I have a few doll dressmaking projects going on at the moment but once I start on the Rosebud babies I’ll post an update.



  1. Love your blog I’m also 1957 born and still in Adelaide I’m lucky I have most of my childhood dolls but my late mum had a similar doll story about a Christmas doll that fell on her head it was the only time mum had received a doll and she said the doll had a big funeral she had wished she kept the body well happy blogging from jillian

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