Vintage Cane Furniture

Three cane chairs and a cane lounge.

This is a set of cane furniture that Naomi bought some time ago. She had planned to use it for her Ken dolls but when it arrived she found that it was a bit too big for them to use.  It was too small for any of her Teddy Bears to sit on so she brought it with her to give to me. As it turns out I don’t have many dolls that fit on it either  but I’m sure I will one day.

Here you can see the Rosebud babies and my porcelain doll Twinkle using the chairs. Of course the babies are too small and Twinkle has to sit very far forward so she can bend her knees but she is probably the best fit. Babies and children are too small for adult chairs though so I think we can get away with it for now. I will have to make them some cushions I think.


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  1. Love the chairs.. maybe with pillows Ken and friends might fit better. I’ve used tiny bean (with beads) bags instead of pillows on cane furniture to take pics of dolls. It adjust and wraps around their contours. Loving all the miniatures and links!

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