Dolls House Furniture Part Three

In this post I’ll show you the last few pieces of 1:16 sized furniture and some bits from play sets.

As promised I’ll include a few pictures of the furniture inside the dolls house.

Baby Items

This scale and two bunk beds are from the nursery play set that I mentioned before. Naomi had a bunk so I joined it with mine. This set also had a third bed, a pram and three babies.

Renwal made these prams in several colours.

Two Prams, one needing repair.

Sorry for the quality of this photo. This little chair is marked “Made in West Germany” . I was able to find a photo of it on Pinterest and it appears to be part of a set of nursery furniture.

This folk art style of furniture seems to have been popular in Germany. One manufacturer I read about was Dora Kuhn, a company that made hand painted wooden furniture for over a century starting in 1911. This piece looks more like the decoration may be a transfer so I’m not sure if it is Dora Kuhn but it is certainly in that style. Here is a link to a blog post about the history of that company.

After a bit more searching I came up with the name Jean Hoffler who produced some hard plastic furniture which has a design which is very similar to this chair. The only history I could find about this company was in an article about aviation kits which the company also made. It is rather a complicated story but I will include a link anyway.

A little chair marked made in West Germany.

Renwal made a change table like the one in the picture below. There were two versions. One said Dolly’s Bathinette and is harder to find than the later ones which just said Dolly’s like this one. This particular table is unmarked so may be one of those made after Renwal sold their dies.

The potty chair is also made by Renwal.

Change table and potty chair.

Miscellaneous 1:16 Furniture

Here is a piece that looks old but is relatively recent. It is a Sylvanian Families cooker from about 1996. You may think that is old but to Naomi and I the nineties were about five minutes ago.

Oven made for Sylvanian Families

Here are a few more odds and ends, most are unmarked or marked made in Hong Kong and I haven’t looked them all up yet.

Finally as promised here are a few photos of furniture in the Triang 61 house that I took last week.

The Kleeware living room .
The Kleeware dining room
The Kleeware dining room
Renwal bath and washing machine.
Renwal bath and washing machine.
Man Cave
Father was supposed to be mending this chair but he seems to have fallen asleep again.

In our next post I’ll show you some of the smaller scale furniture.



  1. I love seeing this furniture! That washing machine is a treasure! My grandmother had a real one like that until my little brother decided to take it apart to see how it worked! I loved watching her put the clothes through the ringer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dad is still worn out from shopping for furniture with Mum I reckon. They were in the biggest ever plastic furniture sale ever.


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