A New Chimney for the Triang 61

Just a quick post tonight to show you the new chimney Naomi’s friend Leigh made for our Triang Model 61 dolls house.

As you know the house had the chimney missing when we got it and the remaining chimney did not have chimney pots. Naomi felt sure that Leigh would be able to manufacture a replacement so the original plan was to remove the existing chimney and send it to him in Adelaide where he lives so that he could copy it.

Triang Model 61 circa 1939

This proved to be a problem as the chimney was firmly attached to the roof and we soon realised that we risked damaging the roof if we removed it.

Luckily around that time I found a diagram on another blog which gave the measurements for the original chimney and I sent this to  Leigh along with some photos of the roof and the existing chimney. I can’t say for sure that the existing chimney is the original one. The timber it is made from looks a little uneven but obviously we wanted our replacement to look as similar as possible.

Soon after sending the email I got a phone call from Leigh. He had worked out how the chimney should be attached, it would have a peg that went into the hole on the roof but he was concerned about the diameter and asked me to measure it again just to be sure. I did and he said that he thought there was a way he could do it.

He was as good as his word and within a couple of days had manufactured a new chimney and chimney pots for the other chimney as well. These were mailed back to me as I still have the house at my place and arrived a few days later.

Here they are. A perfect fit and a great match.

The new chimney is on the left.

Fellow blogger Lee Higgins at Shed On The Pond fully restored a 61 from the same era some years ago and it doesn’t appear to have any chimneys. Perhaps these were an optional extra or perhaps they were available on later models. I have certainly seen them with chimneys on in photos.  I honestly cannot remember if my childhood house had chimneys or not. If someone can shed any light on this I’d be very interested to know.


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  1. Doesn’t it look almost original. A very good likeness indeed. Leigh has done a great job. I sent him the link to this site so he can see the dollouses.

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  2. dilapadated Triang 23 owner here , shes going to be renovated one day but the cost of the windows is holding the job up at the moment…lol.. i will continue to stalk ebay


  3. A few of my Triang Houses are missing chimneys or have replacement ones. I think they all had chimneys at one time, although it seems a strange thinkg to go missing. Your new one looks good.


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