Cyclops Prams Part Two

Hello again everyone. Today I am going to show you my other pram and push chair made by Cyclops. The first pram which is also the featured image on the home page was probably made in the 1960’s. This pram is still quite easy to find on Ebay and other auction sites and on Gum Tree. I have seen it quite often from $45.00AU and up. The price does depend on the condition of course. This pram usually came with the roses on the sides of the carriage. They are transfers and came in different colours I believe. I’ve seen one with red or pink roses. The hoods were of different designs and there were quite a few different ones. Mine is grey with pink and white flowers on it. It’s a very pretty one and I am fortunate to have one in quite good condition. The teddy bear in the photo is about 25 inches long so that will give you an idea of the size of the pram. Here he is sitting in the pram.

Teddy was too big to have the hood up so we had to be sure of a dry day for this photo shoot or he would have got soaking wet. I doubt that he would have enjoyed that. Last of all I would like to show you my push chair another Cyclops toy featuring Peter my Kader baby doll. The push chair is another sixties toy. It has a solid steel frame that you can fold up when it’s not being played with for easy storage. It has a blue cloth seat for the dolls to sit on. I can’t vouch for comfort but neither Teddy or Peter complained about any of my prams not being comfy enough for them. Here is Peter in the push chair.

Peter sitting in my Cyclops push chair

I wasn’t able to turn up much information on the history of Cyclops but I did find out that someone has written a book. I believe this book is quite expensive however and hard to find. The title is Cyclops Toys Through The Years and the author’s name is Marjory Fainges. This book was written in 1997. You can read more about Cyclops on Wikipedia. There is a little bit of information there if you are interested at all. You can also  find some really great Cyclops images including one of the old factory in Sydney on the following website.

The Cyclops factory has now been converted into flashy apartments. I was pleased to see they had saved this building as it is an important part of Australian childhood history. Thanks for stopping by and I will be back with another post very soon. Bye until next time.



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