Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Queen Barbie 1963

Fashion Queen Barbie has just arrived. Here she is in Registered Nurse. This should have open toe heels with it so I will try to find her some.



  1. I work in the medical field so appreciate the nurse’s outfits of the past for the dolls. She looks quite proper with the shoes she is wearing. Nurses wear sturdy shoes. πŸ˜‰


  2. I think i have some vintage sandals similar to the ones the outfit should have but if not I’ll leave her in the shoes she has on for now. Perhaps she’d just come on duty and had not changed her shoes yet.


  3. love that doll, one of my fave’s, but mine came in vintage dress with a few wigs. I recently lost two auctions for the cape and the full outfit minus shoes, did see some tennis shoe wedges but think they are more modern. might have to settle for scrubs till the next auction. guess that’s one upside to action figures I realized today while watching grandsons play with wrestling figures.. fewer lost bits and pieces, outfits and shoes intact. No-one separating heads from bodies or clothing from dolls.I got a wonderful book about furnishing doll’s houses by Audrey Johnson 1972..Looks like she has more on dressing, repairing dolls and how to make doll houses.(Even a Dolls dollhouse!/pattern).

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  4. I have an untagged red sheath, and she looks fabulous in it! I may even try finding a pattern for the medical clothing as my clone dr. is another of my favorites. A few of my celebrity dolls would make great Doctors. I do have a Barbie/Becky wheelchair and a few pregnant clones and Midge for patients in a maternity ward. A stern looking Jakks doll would make a great Nurse but wouldn’t exactly fit the Barbie size stuff, so a pattern could be adjusted. I will keep trying on he auctions, Misty would make a lovely nurse, or Mary Make-up.


  5. got the cape today..the full set went twenty dollars over my budget. The mib was $350!!
    no dioramas for me yet ,packing up some mib for donations,there was a kens doctor set I looked at but the bidding went pretty high.

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