Fashion Doll Friday – Ideal Posin’ Misty 1965


  1. she looks so much like grown up Tammy they could be sisters, of course if she married Tammy’s brother they would be. Love her dress and white shoes. Is she from the UK as all the other Misty’s I see have lighter hair, and mine has the straight gaze. I need to do more research to see if the red dress she is wearing is time appropriate. Do you know if Misty’s clothing had tags like Tammys?

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  2. As it turns out I have two, both are redressed, one in Red Samantha witch dress, both have the lighter hair, yours has more vivid make-up though. That reminds me, displayed next to Mary Make-up she looks like her daughter. Your earlier Mothers Day post made me think I should put out Tammy and her mom as well as Julie Littlechap and her girls. Thanks loads for the link,loved the photos.

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  3. does posin’ Misty’s arms move together when you move one? (or are mine just tight and do that.) Just moving them around to display a Tressy I got that had her key, the seller included a Tressy with Mary make-ups face but the legs sort of bend and one of them wirh hard legs, doesn’t sit with legs together. I have more reading to do in American dolls I guess, and one of my sellers wanted help identifying his moms stuff . I told him you and your sister were better at that and about your blog. Hope to hear more soon.

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    • My Posin; Misty’s arms don’t do that but I feel sure that I’ve seen that with one of the Tammy’s. I don’t think it is supposed to happen. I’m pretty sure I wrote something a while back about Tressy. One version usually referred to as V Leg Tressy sits with her legs open while the others sit with legs straight and together. None of mine are bend leg but I don’t have Mary Make Up. If you can find my post I think there are some Tressy links at the end.


    • Just looked up the Tressy site. The bend leg Tressy you have could be the third version of Tressy who had Mary Make Up face and bend legs. The fourth version also had bend legs but is prettier. The V leg Tressy is the first edition.


  4. thanks, I am going to re dress one of the Misty’s as Super girl as I think she is prettier than the dolls I am seeing lately, I also won a tall wonder woman whose arms are very much like Cher’s. to go with my Superman (not as cute as yours). Problem is it came from a smokers home. After airing it out on a patio what else can I do to be able to make it smell better. Someone suggested I put it in the drawer of the frig with some baking soda, but my husband already thinks more than one room for dolls is weird, doesn’t was the gouga smelling bad. Any idea’s?


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