To the Bat Phones!


When I was a kid back in the sixties my cousin and I used to love Batman the original series. We both had favourite villains. While his was The Penguin mine was The Joker. The show remained popular and continued on in reruns on television for many years. I rediscovered it during the seventies when I was a teenager and still enjoyed it. I still liked The Joker played by Cesar Romero. One thing I enjoyed about Batman was that most of the villains were played by well known actors and actresses from many years ago. It was interesting to see them in such different roles.

During the seventies Mego produced some small action figures of the Batman cast. They were about eight inches high and fully jointed. They were modeled on the original cast of the Batman series. I decided to buy one of these and I am happy to say I still have my Joker action figure. He is still in good condition and is wearing his original costume. Mego of course produced many other figures and you can see quite a few examples of them on Ebay under action figures if you care to do a search for them. I saw The Fonz, Ironman and many super heros and villains. There were even the characters from Planet of the Apes.

Out of interest I did a search for The Joker on Ebay and found several for sale. They naturally ranged in price depending on the condition of the figure and costume. The earliest one I found was from 1971. This one was not boxed but in very good condition. The buy it now price is US$74.99. I saw a 1973 boxed version for US $650. The prices were all over the place for these so it would pay to shop around if you want one for your own collection. The Joker seemed quite easy to find and I saw some for US $34.

My own Joker made by Mego is from 1975 and he is made in Hong Kong. He has a large square lever in his back for moving him. This could have been for making him fight Batman. “Down with the blundering bats!” It’s large enough so you can hold it in your fingers. He is fully jointed including his waist, wrists and ankles. I’m not sure if any of these Jokers differ in appearence as they all look very similar on Ebay. I noticed the packaging was different. Some were sold in a proper box while others were in a plastic bubble glued onto a card.

Well my own Joker has had some fun in his life with me.  He was a sort of mascot and I thought it fun to take him places. I used to take him to the bowling alley and the Putt Putt mini golf course when I went with friends. As we all watched It’s a Knock Out where teams got to play their Joker to earn extra points in games I thought it fun to have my Joker on hand while I played too. It gave us all a good laugh and we had fun. In later years he ended up with three Dawn dolls on a shelf where I kept some small toys. He also has a pet leapard for company. Maybe he stole it from Cat Woman. I won’t upset him by telling her. Anyway that’s my post for this week. Thanks for reading and I will catch you all again soon.



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  1. Look like mego is back at it again..I saw the Fonz/happy days and Alice/brady bunch and other reproduction dolls the same size as your Joker. they were at Target around $15ea.I even saw a Star trek one.The articulation looks similar but the plastic seems cheaper looking.might see if there is anything in your area.

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    • I would love more of them if I could afford them. I can see sellers over here buying them up and selling them at big dollars.


  2. I got a cheaper version of yours on-line but there are definate differences,his suit is printed on knt onsie in black/white and gray vest and black waistcoat w/tails,his shes are bigger than Ken size and rubbery.his tie is a thin black ribbon,haven’t been able to read markings yet.(suspect he and Batman were knock offs or ann. versions). Haven’t tried the Dawn thing yet but had some riders around in the mego size, wearing clothing from (big bang), that was funny because he sat a horse just great!


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