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Recently Naomi and I were both looking at Sindy related items on eBay in particular Sindy’s pet dogs. I got sidetracked into reading about Patch’s friend Betsy. I am not so familiar with Betsy who was first released in 1967 after we left England. I don’t know if she was sold in Australia or not.

Here is a link to a picture of Betsy

I came across an auction for a doll which the seller said was Betsy but I was doubtful about this because she was standing next to Sindy and not only was she a similar height but she had thicker legs, not like a fashion doll at all.

As I sometimes do if I see something I think may not be right I messaged the seller to ask if they were sure it was Betsy.

I received this reply.

Hi there,

We are not experts on Betsy dolls although we collect the 1960s Sindy dolls and know more about vintage Sindy dolls.
Having said that we are certain this is a Betsy doll.
The models can vary in size depending on the year. We believe this is one of the earlier Betsy dolls pre 1969.
Sindy and Sindy set friends differ in make and model from year to year, for example my Betsy doll has jointed walker legs, but if you look at later models of Betsy they differed as they had unjointed legs.
If you have any more information on the manufacture of Betsy dolls please let us know:)

I had a look at two of my favourite Sindy sites to see what I could find out. The reference to Betsy shows her as being smaller than Patch and with an unjointed rubbery looking body the same as Tutti.  Betsy was said to be Patch’s American friend. Betsy was only made for one year so she is quite rare. She was released in 1967-68 and was six inches tall. I could not find any mention of a larger version.

I have saved some pictures of Betsy on  my Pinterest doll board, you are welcome to take a look.

I sent a second email to the seller including my sources and received a second reply saying that there were large variations in the size of Sindy over the years (true) and that she was often assembled from odd parts, (also true). The seller felt certain that the doll for sale was Betsy. I still feel certain it isn’t however, a third email would be pointless and rude so I am letting it go.

Maybe this seller knows something I don’t know. Maybe I am missing something here.  All I know is  that looking at the photograph of the Betsy doll next to Sindy the scale looked wrong to me. Even if the height was correct her legs seemed way too thick for a fashion doll.  I daresay that there were other dolls produced with the name Betsy around that time as it was more popular as a girl’s name in the sixties.

I am not trying to show anyone up here. I just wanted to illustrate the value of doing your own research when buying dolls. The point to this story is, as we have said before, don’t take everything you read on a sale site as gospel. Ask questions. You may save yourself disappointment or you may learn something new. Either is good.

Betsy References



  1. I can’t imagine why they would make a doll to be Patche’s friend as big as Sindy or bigger. It does not make any sense. My search for Betsy only dug up little blonde dolls that looked small in size and a little like Tutti as Vanda has said. I will try to find out more.


  2. Hi, I have a Betsy doll that looks exactly like the link the you provide, she is wearing the same red dress with white lace on collar and hem and is much shorter than Cindy. I have had her since I was a child and brought her over to Australia from the UK.


  3. I had a Betsy doll as a child. I was very young at the time, only about 2 or 3, so 1967/68 would be about right. My Betsy was definitely the smaller bendy doll (not Sindy size and not jointed like Sindy (I also had Sindy at this time too)) My Betsy was the blonde version and had a pink lacy dress, although the red dress also rings a bell with me. I know Betsy didn’t have many clothes, as my mum crocheted her a little cream wool sleeveless dress 🙂

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    • Betsy would make a great friend for Tutti and Todd who also have that body and I bet that she could wear their clothes. Not that they had many issued to them either. I think they were more popular in Europe though.


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