Birthday Surprises

It was my birthday on Saturday and as usual Naomi had gone out of her way to find things on my dolly  wish list.

I do like to be surprised when I open my present so for the last few weeks she has been saying things like. “Your present has just left the UK/USA.” “It’s in Melbourne now.” and “It’s here.” but not giving the game away except to say it was nothing to do with dolls houses.

I did have a feeling that one of the things that she had bought was a big doll because Naomi said that the package might be awkward for me to take home on the bus if we met away from home so she would bring it to my place in time for my birthday.

It was a good guess. My presents were

  • Ideal Posie Walker who is like Saucy Walker but with bend legs
  • A genuine Sindy horse
  • Some outfits for my two Tutti’s

I intend to post about each of these things in detail later in the week. At the moment the doll room is full of furniture from other rooms as I am getting interior painting done so I can’t actually get near the shelf with the Sindy’s or Tutti’s yet. The currently unnamed Posie Walker is in the living room so if it is sunny tomorrow I will photograph her for the blog.

In the meantime here are a couple of quick ones I took with my tablet.

Sindy's Dapple Horse
Sindy’s Dapple Horse c1980s
outfits for Tutti
Cute little outfits for Tutti
Ideal Posey Walker c 1954-57
Ideal Posie Walker c 1954-57


  1. I really liked the big Posie doll when I found her. I think she is very pretty. I love the her hair. I kept thinking of Rosie Posie while she was here as that was what Vanda always called my Rosewood. Rosewood was a lovely cat I used to have.

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  2. Happy belated! Lovely dolls,do you have a Sindy little brother as pictured with the pony? I was comparing him to a mib from the thrift store circa 2007 by paradise kids LLC co. is USA but made in China. Called Barn buddys, his name is Barret. Dont know if the scale is smaller. I’ve been looking for a pony but seeing huge ones for 14-18″ dolls and I don’t have the room..Btw..will you display a doll atop the horse or beside it.Since I haven’t acquired more in this set wonder what looks better.

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    • Sindy doesn’t have a little brother. The doll in the picture on the box is Sindy, she is a later version from the eighties and I agree does look boyish in the illustration. I think it is the hat.


      • love the English style gear, but much of what I have seen is either Western or the wrong size or incredibly expensive. Guess I’ll need to be patient .If I can find a horse close enough I’ll display them side by side when I unbox the boy Barrett. He will match closely enough to the Hearts only girl for now He has much finer features and better face painting than the girls,(their lips done too much for little girls).

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      • I would like to see Barrett too. Perhaps you could email me a photo of him and I’ll post it. We don’t get a lot of the dolls you get in the USA here in Australia.


      • Hope you got our e-mail (pic).Had to send it from hubbys lap-top as my computers is glitching again. However so is my house so can’t replace it yet. Barrett and the other Barn buddies from the Paradise line are 6 1/2 inches tall. I will have to save up for a horse/stable, and watch as I see them for sale so I wonder if they had limited sales. I see a lot of the western ones too.( But I prefer English, or authentic western or Civil war/other items.) It was a fluke I even found Barrett. I was looking for Tammy’s brother Pete. That this figure looks somewhat like my youngest grandson was a bonus.

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  3. Hi Laurel, could you post a photo of this Barrett? I’ve never heard of this doll before and would really like to see what he looks like. Thanks and have a great day.


      • I will look forward to it. I like these type of dolls. I have a Saucy Walker and another smaller walker from the 50’s that I bought on Ebay. I had one as a child but it was given away. Oh, to have all that stuff back!

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      • I know exactly how you feel. Naomi and gave some of our childhood stuff away, not all of it willingly and our collections really started with a wish to get some of that stuff back.


    • I gave most of my toys away myself. However my mother gave away the Shirley Temple doll I got and cherished when I was nine to my cousin who loved her too. I was 13 or 14 at the time. When I got home from school and found it gone I wanted to ask for it back, but couldn’t. The next time I saw it, was at their home. It was undressed, hair combed out and tossed on the floor in a corner. I kept it pristine. I have always remembered that with sadness and my mother regretted doing it after the fact. Most friends have a story like that.
      Don’t toss your kids stuff out without asking, mothers. At least nowadays there is a chance to replace things, if you can afford to. Back then there was none.

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