Someone’s poisoned the waterhole!

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One of my favourite movies is Toy Story. I loved the story they wrote for each of the three films as well as all the characters. They were films that both adults and children could enjoy and they were very funny and quite exciting. I often found myself so involved with what was going on that I really feared for the toys when they got into trouble. I’d often have to give myself a reality check. It’s a movie. None of this is real. The first Toy Story movie came out in the mid nineties. It centred around Woody a cowboy doll who was Andy his young owner’s favourite toy. All the toys lived in harmony in Andy’s room until Andy had a birthday and got Buzz that is. They became rivals for Andy’s attention. The story revolves around their relationship with each other and their adventures in and out of Andy’s room.

Today I want to show you my Woody doll from the Toy Story movie. There were three movies made and my Woody comes from the first one. Woody is a talking doll and works using a pull string in his back. Some of the things he says are “There’s a snake in my boot” “You’re my favourite deputy” “Someone’s poisoned the waterhole” There are one or two other phrases. Woody has a wire frame inside of him which enables him to pose in many positions. His long arms and legs can be bent to make him sit down or ride a horse for example. He has an opening in his back where his battery box is stored which powers his voice. He does not have a gun in his holster and he was not sold with one. This is a far cry from the fifties when westerns were all the rage and just about every little boy had cowboy suits and pistols to play with. Toy guns were beginning to be frowned on so Woody did not carry one. Woody has Disney Thinkway China stamped on both of his boots.

I also have Buzz, Slinky and Jessie from the second movie. Slinky is packed away but I can show you pictures of the others. I have some links for those who would like to learn a bit more about these toys. Thanks for reading once again.

Some Toy Story Links:





  1. Delighted with the toy story toys, hoping to come across a standard size Buzz to go with Woody and Jesse. Have Woody’s horse bulls-eye and Woody’s love interest Bo-peep who looks kind of Barbie-ish. As well as several Mc Donald’s Happy meal characters from the movie. These were favorite toys my grand kids played with I am finally reclaiming from my mother-in-laws house.Glad to hear they are doing another film. Maybe Bo-peep will be recued from where ever she went,(probably a yard sale).Andy grown-up with a family. Who knows! In the world of toys this story can go to infinity and beyond!

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