Sindy: The Horses

Today I thought that I would show you the Sindy horse that Naomi got me for my birthday last week.

Sindy has had several horses over the years although her “Pony Club ” outfit preceded all of them.  The first horse appeared in 1966 and was issued in grey flock then later in brown plastic. There is quite an interesting piece in on the Sindy Museum website about the manufacture and distribution of this horse which you can read here . The article mentions that the horse was named “Peanuts” after a competition in a comic book. Although the article does not say so this would be “June & Schoolfriend” a comic which featured a lot of Sindy advertising. Incidentally”June” and “Schoolfriend” were originally separate comics which merged sometime in the early sixties. I remember this comic as our older cousin used to get it while I had “Bunty” and “Judy”.

Little sister Patch had a pony of her own called Pixie. I believe Pixie is fairly hard to find and I have found most Patch clothing and accessories tend to go for higher prices than Sindy probably because she was not made for as long.

Sindy’s next horse was issued in 1973. One of my sources said that the mold for this horse was taken from the Marx Johnny West horses. I am not familiar with these but of course Marx has a strong connection with Sindy as they introduced Sindy into the USA after a complicated merger which left Marx owned by Pedigree’s parent company.

In 1977 the horse was updated and a stable was available for the first time. There was also a carriage so that Sindy could  take a friend for a ride.

My horse is the 1982 version, the dappled grey horse. It came with the box, saddle and bridle, all still there although I think that it had been displayed out of the box as the bridle was on the horse.

Sindy's Dapple Grey horse circa 1982
Sindy’s Dapple Grey horse circa 1982

Later in the late eighties and early nineties there were a couple more horses including Sindy’s Western horse, a Palomino and a dun coloured one. Much of this information I found in a post by fellow blogger Sarah so I have included a link to her post where there are some very nice photos of Sindy horses and some good information too.

Here is Sindy with her new horse. Unfortunately she can’t ride her very well.


Sindy astride her horse.
Sindy astride her horse.

As Sindy no longer needs the horse I bought for her last year she has kindly given it to my horse mad Basics Barbie Sarah. Here are the two of them enjoying some horse talk. As you can see the other horse is much smaller.

Sarah pets Sindy’s horse.


Sindy and Sarah, horsewomen.

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