Ideal’s Posie Walker and her Saucy Sister (and their Trans Atlantic Cousins)

As I promised last week here are some new photos of my Posie Walker.

Just to give a little background on these dolls they were made at around the same time as Ideal’s popular Saucy Walker. The main difference between Saucy and Posie is that Posie has knee joints which allow her to kneel. In fact in a lot of articles I’ve read Posie is not referred to by name but merely as a bend leg Saucy Walker. Ideal referred to Posie Walker as “The doll with 100 poses”  A bit of an exaggeration which you certainly would not get away with today. Here is a close up of Posie’s knees.

knees on a bend leg walker
knees on a bend leg walker

Here is what Doll has to say:

1951-1957 Ideal Saucy Walker doll, 16″ or 22″ tall, all hard plastic, walker type doll with a pin jointed body and a grill in her tummy (with or without crier), wig, sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth or closed mouth, some dolls have bent knees, too and the Saucy Walker doll came in a black version, doll marked: Ideal Doll W16 or Ideal Doll W22 based on the dolls height. Saucy Walker dolls were also available through Sears. In 1954 Ideal made a 25″ tall doll that was called Saucy Walker’s Big Sister doll, doll marked Ideal Doll W25, the Big Sister doll looks very similar to Saucy Walker just larger, was a mail-in premium from the Chicago Daily Tribune.

The early all hard plastic Saucy Walkers remind me more than a bit of Pedigree’s hard plastic walkers of the same era. I wonder if this was a coincidence? These early Saucy Walkers had flirty eyes, open mouths with teeth and wigs. So does Marilyn my Pedigree Walker.

Marilyn, my Pedigree Walker

In 1954 Ideal began producing Posie Walker with a vinyl head  with rooted and a hard plastic body.These dolls have closed mouth’s.  This is how I know that my Posie was made in 1954 or later.

I found that this rocking chair was just the right size for her to sit in properly. Her dress is not original and probably home-made but it suits her very well. I will try to get her some socks and shoes to go with it. Underneath she has what looks like her original underwear.

Posie Walker with vinyl head c1954-57
Posie Walker with vinyl head c1954-57
Posie Walker with vinyl head c1954-57
Posie Walker with vinyl head c1954-57
Posie Walker with vinyl head c1954-57
Posie Walker with vinyl head c1954-57

Further Reading:

Ideal and Pedigree Comparison

Compare the dolls in the following links. One is an Ideal Saucy Walker, the other an English Pedigree. Both dolls were made in various heights so just look at the faces. The main difference I can see is that the Ideal doll has her crier in the front and the Pedigree in the back. Some sellers refer to the Pedigrees as English Saucy Walkers but I have not read anywhere that they were manufactured under licence. Nevertheless, it would not surprise me if the two companies had a similar arrangement to the one they made over Tammy and Sindy a decade later.

The Pedigree bend leg walkers seem to command much higher prices too. I’m not sure why but in the UK and Australia and probably New Zealand as well Pedigree is a sought after brand as so many of us had Pedigree dolls as children.

Here is a link to a Pedigree bend leg doll.


  1. to be honest Rosie Posie is a lot prettier than Pedigree Maz. I like the longer straighter hair much better but that is only my opinion. Everyone has a right to like what they like and I am not putting the pedigress down. Pedigree Penny is very pretty even as a baldy. I did find a Pedigree bent knee doll but I thought she was ugly so did not buy her for your birthday. Hope you love Rosie Posie just as much.

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  2. which was the brunette? saw one like her for sale on e-bay with a similar dress except it had keys on it with a red heart button, and red mary janes shoes. Looked like she was going to have a vigorous competition so passed as she was getting past my birthday money to buy. Will be looking up sherry or Sheryl a tammy clone with hair like tressy I just received.Thankfully she has Tammys body so I can dress her but need to find shoes.


  3. Nice article. Your dolly fits well in her rocker. My walker has the front speaker grille and bolts in the legs and the front teeth. They are all nice dolls and you are lucky if you can have one of each.

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    • A very interesting post. I do find it odd that so many people today are frightened by old dolls. Of course they look terrible when they have been neglected but they are not going to hurt anyone. Maybe that is the reason that so many modern dolls look cartoonish rather than lifelike these days. By the way Pedigree did not always mark their dolls. Those made outside the UK, such as in South Africa or New Zealand are usually unmarked.


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