Get ready for the greatest rock and roll band in the world. Kisssss! Hello all. This is just a bit of a teaser for Sunday night. These very obviously are my Kiss action figures. They are the ones that came out in the 1970’s. I’ve decided to do a short blog for each of them over the next few weeks because I want to take more interesting pictures of each of them. These action figures were made by Mego around 1978. They are very collectable these days. I would say that Peter Criss would be the hardest one to find now and then Ace Frehley. Here are my four Kiss action figures. They are still in quite good condition for their age. I still need to tidy their hair a bit. I’ve had them for many years and I have just taken them out of storage for this post.


I will post more about these action figures very soon so please stay tuned. Hoping you are all keeping well and still enjoying our doll blogs. Vanda will be back from her trip to Melbourne today and I am sure she will be very eager to post something herself. See you all again soon.



  1. Who would think it would take reading a doll blog to help me appreciate this band, frankly I was sort of hoping you would talk about kissing Barbie from the title. (I had an ex-boyfriend ruin this band for me) obsession/he had party everyday on the brain but( that’s an other blog).. I am curious if there might be a fair bit of bootlegs of these as they would be a relatively easy face paint to do and the costumes might be achieved by a person with fair bit of sewing experience. I also imagine with the vast range this merchandise has been produced a person would need a warehouse to store it. I understand Gene Simmons has a pretty good collection. I will look forward to hearing more about them as I have several music artist in my celebrity collection.

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  2. Your comments are interesting. I wonder if anyone ever did try to copy them. They had a huge amount of merchandise for this band. I remember having a hat, bag and make up. I don’t think the hat and bag were official Kiss items. The make up was. I have a bootleg movie. Hope you can start to enjoy the music again. I still love it myself. Did you ever go see them?


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