Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A

We haven’t had a Fashion Fever doll for Fashion Doll Friday for a while so today here is one of the two Teresa’s issued in Wave A.

Petra has featured in a few Fashion Fever posts but not as a Friday girl so here she is in her original outfit I did not photograph her when I first deboxed her but luckily I was able to find her original outfit so I photographed her in it today. She still has her hat.

Petra is also pictured at Naomi’s Bratz milk bar which I always liked using as a background prop for pictures at her house.



  1. She’s got her hat! It is hard to hang on to some smaller items. Woody has his hat too just like in the movie. Remember the collector at the yard sale?


    • I do so I am always pleased when they still have their hats. Luckily by the time Petra came along I had started storing outfits separately in sandwich bags. But she doesn’t wear it much to be on the safe side.

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  2. she’s a lovely doll, Yes I can appreciate the hat issue, our woody is visiting my mother-in-laws house with the Toy story gang in her play room, and the grand kids make it an effort to re- locate both Woody’s and Jesse’s hats.(wish they were magnetized). Also I have a Mary Poppins I got used missing her hat, as well as a Samantha’s witch dress and shoes, missing the hat. I imagine most collectors who are buying used dolls encounter that. The yard sale in toy tory drives me crazy..and may become a flashback in the upcoming movie to tie up some loose ends,(but I can tell you Bo-peep wasn’t ever sold at a yard sale here, she’s hanging out safe and warm in my Shaun the sheep back pack ready for her next trip to the mother-in-laws playroom, minus the sheep.

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  3. exactly, one of the slippers has fallen off a classic 1962 Ken, as I was sorting clones and items for donation, it will be like a needle in the haystack to try and find it, wish I’d taken your route and kept it in a baggie. Hoping it will reappear when/if I move furniture.I need to make room for my awesome tin dollhouse! I don’t have any people the right size for it yet but making due with odds and ends. Was amazed it came with a fair bit of furniture, I added some drug store animals outside so it’s beginning to look lived in.

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    • I dropped a couple of tiny Sindy items which I hope will turn up when I eventually pack up the room. I wish I had started using baggies earlier but I guess it is the price you pay when you debox new items.


  4. I have this Teresa still in her tube. I like the boho hippie vibe of her outfit and am amazed at how elaborate the Fashion Fever clothes were. I get clear plastic storage containers with compartments at craft stores like Michaels and manage to keep my doll clothes and accessories clean and organized.

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    • The Fashion Fever era had some of the best value for money dolls and clothes for a long time. Nothing in the playline is as nice now, at least not to me although I do like the dolls with articulation. I use plastic boxes with compartments for shoes and other small accessories .


      • The individuality and quality of the dolls in the Fashion Fever line is the reason they still sell on eBay. I’m having fun acquiring and trading them and have managed to acquire “holy grail” dolls and fashion packs. One of the quirkier ones is Gillian, she has freckles, red hair and is unconventionally pretty. All the other dolls have a conventional face mold.

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