Fashion Doll Friday – X Files Dana Scully – 1998

Today’s doll is my X Files Collector Edition Dana Scully Barbie from 1998. This was the first Collector Edition gift set that Naomi and I bought together. It was when we first started to collect and the set was quite expensive for us at the time. We’ve spent a lot more money on dolls since! We went halves and Naomi took Fox Mulder and I took Dana Scully. Once they were de-boxed Dana became Laura.

I still do have her original outfit but when I looked for it this morning I did not see it so I think it is in one of the packed boxes. I will dig it out one day but actually although it is nicely made I don’t care for it much as the fabric of the jacket and pants is rather thick and bulky. That’s probably why it is packed away come to think of it.

Laura has lost her ring and the cross from her chain necklace. It was lost before Toby was on the scene so we can’t blame him for this one. Either it was the victim of one of the infamous cracks in the floor we are always falling foul of or she lost it in an encounter with a Vampire. Perhaps we’ll find out one day.

Today Laura is wearing a selection of outfits that I thought might do for work. I tried my repro Commuter Set suit on her and I was surprised to find that the blouse does not fit her.  Vivienne, who also has the old TNT body can wear it.

Next I  tried a generic vinyl coat with an animal print collar and finally a Fashion Avenue fashion from 2001 also featuring animal print trim. The boots from this outfit go well with the coat I think.





  1. I may have to un -box my set, Dana/Laura is so pretty in these smart coats! What a stunning pin up gal she would be..maybe a nice red carpet gown like miss Anderson wears. Maybe a Tux for Mulder.Love these T.V./ movie characters.

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  2. Not sure about the tux on Mulder. He became a bike enthusiast! I’ll have to post a photo of him sometime. I really like the white coat on Laura too. Always liked her hair and make up.

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  3. I’m a big fan of the show X Files and its actors and was thrilled it was brought back for a limited run. I don’t see a real resemblance to the actors. This doll looks like Millicent Roberts?
    However, I enjoyed seeing the fashions and would like to see Mulder. Have you seen the Beauty and the Beast doll? It does resemble Emma Watson but looks a bit awkward. Which character dolls do you have that you think have the best resemblance?


    • I agree with you that she does not look a lot like Gillian Anderson. Celebrity Barbies of that era tended not to be good likenesses. I have Rosie O’Donnell but I really don’t know if she is a good likeness or not as I’m not that familar with how she looked at the time. Naomi has Marilyn Monroe who doesn’t really look that much like Marilyn but is quite pretty. I don’t have them but I think the Lucy’s are quite a good resemblance to Lucille Ball.


  4. Thank you. I think your Patrick Dempsey and Rosie O’Donnell dolls have the best resemblance (probably because she broke the mold). Most celebrity dolls disappoint since the manufacturers don’t alter their face molds that much. The Katniss action figures from Hunger Games have great costumes but do not look like Jennifer Lawrence.


    • I do have the second Tris as well but as I have not seen the film I can’t judge. I didn’t buy her because I was interested in the film but because I like the Lea face. Probably means she does not look like the actress either. Naomi has a few of the Twilight male dolls but they don’t look a lot like the actors really. Patrick Dempsey does I agree.


  5. I’m a huge fan of the Divergent book trilogy and films. Many were upset they gave the Tris doll blue eyes when Shailene has brown eyes. Her costumes are not as detailed as those for Hunger Games but pretty short haired doll and great model for fashions.


  6. maybe a boil wash would help, they have used the lea face a lot, used it for musical artist Shakira also.The twilight Jacob doll was good,the Mary kate & Ashey dolls are good enough, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Siatra as is Elvis (both Versions,Trump,and new Mulder are pretty good too,If we are talking others (non) Mattel the jakks charlies angels were great,and Mandy moore,and Hannah/Montana/miley cyrus.etc..


  7. sorry about chiming on this past blog, just got new mulder today was looking to see if I’d missed him here and found scully..I’ve decided old mulder will be old scullys son and pair her w/ new mulder until I can afford new scully.they are going to guard trump on the red carpet.

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