Peter Criss

This is my Peter Criss action figure. I decided to have a bit of fun with the photos I wanted to take of each of the Kiss dolls. Pete is pictured in front of his own self titled album. Each of the guys put out an album of their own and they were released at the same time.


Peter Criss Action Figure
Peter Criss Action Figure

I was  lucky enough to find the four Kiss action figures in the nineties. They were all in quite good condition. Vanda did a little repair work on their outfits and my friend Leigh who often comes to the rescue with our hobbies repaired Peter’s broken leg. He had minor surgery to one of his knees as it was a bit loose. He is now as good as new.

For those who want to know more about Kiss or Peter Criss here are some links to follow up. There are plenty of web sites to explore and Kiss memorabilia to buy so have fun and I will be back again soon.

KISS Links:




      • Hi Laurel. I know they made the Kiss ones and many others but I am not sure about Captain and Tenneil. Didn’t Toni Tenneil have a lovely voice? Mego made the Kiss dolls for sure.


  1. I was very startled to see Paul with-out his make-up/link. Is this year an anniversary for Kiss, seeing several things offered on payment plans in my husband’s mom’s lights up and has music but over a hundred dollars.I think mego reused the bodies so much picking out franken dollies is tricky.but it also makes buying the bodies or heads in lots a good way to refurbish a favorite.Thinking of upgrading a bad glue job of a Mork with a Sunshine dad with a bad head, keeping the originals of course. look forward to more on Kiss..may become my newest Pandora pick .


    • Glad you are enjoying seeing the Kiss dolls. I got Vanda a Paul (Sindy boyfriend) recently and he looks a bit strange. I am taking it to her soon. Can’t wait to see what she makes of him. There are a lot of these Frankestein creations out there.


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