Amy Jayne

Hello all, Today I had the intention of taking a great many photos for our two blogs. It was not to be as first my microwave starting smoking while I was making my lunch. After that I had another drama with my fantastic little GE digital camera. The loss of the microwave was annoying enough but when my camera refused to work, well that was a complete disaster as I wanted to do some more blogs and enter the photo challenges. Well it really looked as if my camera was going to join the microwave in technology Heaven but luckily after a lot of thought I fixed it. To cut a long story short I watched several “How to fix a digital camera” videos on You Tube that didn’t help so  finally ended up bashing it and got it to work. I was back in business and was able to take a few photos.

I didn’t have much time to set up anything elaborate  so I am showing you Amy Jayne today. She is made of something like porcelain and cloth. She is very pretty with her blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was a gift from my neighbour who lives next door. She used to have some pet cats so when she went away I often fed them for her,watered her plants and generally kept an eye on the house. So one year Jennie gave me this doll. She thought I collected dolls but I really collect teddy bears. I liked this doll anyway and decided to name her Amy Jayne as it’s always been a favourite name. I thought it was nice of Jennie to bring me back such a nice gift. The following year she did bring me a teddy bear.

Amy stands on top of my dresser with a couple of teddy bears and some vintage items I keep in my bedroom. Here are few photos I managed to take of her before my camera got damaged. I’ll try to do another Kiss one soon and I have some other dolls I can do later if I can find them. Thanks for dropping by.

Amy Jayne






  1. Strangely technology always dies in a series. I often see dolls like Amy Jayne on fleamarkets, but I try hard to stick to Barbie size. I bet she looks very cute surrounded by teddy bears.

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  2. I’ll try to have a better look at her. She’s not vintage. I’m not sure if someone made her or she was factory made.She is quite well made though. I will get back to you soon.


  3. dead end for me the brinn’s lead was a bad lead..the shoes were in stoage with the doll in a bin with a random head someone wanted me to rebody..the shoes go with a head called constance..the mystey continues..I suppose your Amy Jayne is too..but though she is in a rather fancy dress she might visit the bears as well as lost a sheep.(At any rate she is lovely).


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