Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave B

Today’s Friday girl is one of two Teresa’s released in Wave B. You have seen her modelling Fashion Fever fashions on a couple of occasions. Her name is Michelle.
Michelle is wearing her original outfit except for the shoes as I could not find the originals although I probably have them somewhere. She also had green tinted sunglasses and a shoulder bag which I also probably still have. If I ever find them I’ll put them in the bag with the rest of the outfit. Michelle was one of three Fashion Fever dolls given to me by Naomi soon after they first appeared in shops here and at that time I was not bagging clothes as soon as I got them. I often wish I had started doing that earlier.

As I have mentioned before I’m very fond of the square-jawed Teresa face. I don’t t find the current Teresa’s nearly as pretty and to my eye they are too similar to Barbie.



  1. Yes Fashion Fever Teresa is lovely and there are other versions I prefer and have in my collection. There are many iterations of her, do you have a favorite? Some of the other dolls are more rare. I am fortunate to have two Kiras, she is one of my favorites though it’s hard to choose.


    • I have several of the Fashion Fever Teresa’s and I don’t know if I could pick a favourite from them. I also have two or three Kira’s from the late 90s including Bennetton Kira. She’s currently stored but I will try to reunite her with her original outfit for a photo one day.


  2. great togs, love her face too..need to get more Teresa’s or recover the one I sent to my parent’s place..over sold at my last yard sale..very popular..even more than Steffie face or Kira or Random Disney.Changing my tactics for rehoming dolls, sending duplicates from e-bay lots so others can enjoy the vintage love too/mostly relatives.Looking for Latin or Indian Ken too as most of the new ones are mostly silly looking. Does Michelle have a boyfriend? Will have to review old blogs!


  3. The Fashion Fever line gave us some of the most beautiful versions of Teresa. This one has a very cute hairstyle. I love the Snow White look of the FF PJ Teresa.


  4. I would love to see your Benetton Kira, she is pretty rare. I’m not optimistic I will ever get my “holy grail” doll, the brunette Basics 2.1 pivotal doll. When she appears on ebay she is out of my budget range. And now Mattel has given the blonde The Look doll that vapid face which I can’t stand 😦 But I’m happy they are making affordable pivotal dolls. I got the brunette silkstone. What do you think of her?


    • I’ve never bought a Silkstone as they are out of my price range but I think making a pivotal one is a great idea. The people who collect them would like to pose them and photograph them so articulation is really a must for the adult collector.


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