Sisters Across the Sea

Regular reader Laurel sent me this photo of a doll she has and remarked on the similarity to Naomi’s Amy Jayne.
Laurel’s doll has a sticker that says Maomi which may be the name either of the doll or the doll artist. The sticker on her shoe also says “Brinn’s” which could be the company that made her or could be a store perhaps.

Anyway you can certainly see a resemblance.



  1. I am going to look at Amy Jayne this afternoon when I get home from work to see if she is related. How interesting.


  2. don’t know but it would be interesting, the shoes I’m afraid may be a false lead after spending hours searching on anything brinn, I did find an other doll my friend had given me to fix the body..wondering if the shoes were switched like people switch heads on Barbies..maddening..might be like anything else when I quit looking will her dress is a little big for her so she may even be redressed. Even if she is always a Jane Doe mystery I will call her Jane. I love my mystery kids, and tend to keep them longer anyway.

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