Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave C

Continuing with the Fashion Fever Teresa theme this week’s Friday girl is one of the Teresa’s from Wave C in her original outfit minus the brown shoulder bag and correct shoes.

As it has been very hard to take any photos either inside or outside the house during these short, dark winter days I took advantage of a sunny spell this morning to take a few pictures of Hope as I call her in the back garden.

Of course after I had taken the photos I found the correct shoes. I had them all along but I was not looking for the right pair. As I had already taken the card out of the camera and did not feel like waiting for the computer to load 2000 images again I grabbed the tablet and took a couple of photos of Hope with the proper shoes.
I am not going to look for the bag today. Housework to do!

I found the proper shoes!


  1. My daughter had this doll! Sad to say I think she gave it to a friend or cousin, so pretty! Truly one of Barbie’s loveliest friends, can’t recall if she ever had a boyfriend though.


    • It is really a pity that they never made more male dolls. There were only two Fashion Fever guys. One was a blonde, probably he was called Blaine as Ken was out and Blaine was in during this period and the other was Kurt. Naomi has both of these guys and might be able to tell more about them.


  2. I couldn’t remember at first, I thought the hair was tendrils on either side of the head, gelled together, but as I said it was my daughtersdoll, never did find a Spanish/latino bf for it.


  3. Love this Teresa and her fashion. The shorter parts of her hair were gelled together originally. I wish they would give her face back to Teresa. The Teresas now are just Barbies with Teresa’s haircolor. With all the new Fashionistas molds, would it really hurt that much to give variety back to the core dolls?

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  4. I am enjoying your Fashion Fever Teresa retrospective. To me it seemed she had different ages and the most diverse fashion phases of the FF dolls. I thought she looked prettiest with her hair pulled back and did not like bangs on any of the dolls from this line. Thus my favorites are the two from Wave F. I think you named the blonde one Ember. The other one was a fresh-faced, youthful Teresa with a hair braid.


  5. I have this Teresa still in her tube. I do like her outfit which looks like something I would see someone wearing. However, I hate the clunky sandals and bag. Part of the fun of collecting these dolls was that some of them came with a lot of accessories, including real bags and jewelry.

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    • Yes they came with a lot of nice accessories and the closets were great. Best era in playline Barbie since the beginning in my opinion. I think that dress does look better with a less clunky shoe too.


  6. This line will forever be my favorite. Drew also had an amazing variety of looks from schoolgirl to sophisticate. And oh the thrill of finding a rare Kira, Gillian and Kurt, while there were many iterations of Barbie, Teresa and Drew! Also fun that certain of them were named on the tube but some not. They continue to be a magnificent obsession for many. What a contrast to today’s offerings 😦

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  7. I wonder how the vintage accessories would look with the moderns..just got a 2015 with dark hair/eyes and pink lips but no outfit..I could always put her in the green sari from my unboxed india Barbie as she isn’t terribly pretty..had a question though ..were you able to just buy the outfits?


    • Well you can buy anything on eBay as lots of people debox dolls and sell dolls and outfits separately but the beauty of Fashion Fever was that they issued loads of seperate fashions, single outfits, accessories and the Fashion Fever Closets that I have done several posts about so there is a lot of this clothing still about ten years later.


    • The vintage accessories can look nice on the modern dolls especially the Basics but the FF girls can’t always wear vintage clothing because of their wider hips and their smaller boobs make some snug fitting vintage dresses look a bit odd on them.


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