Fashion Doll Friday – Pedigree Paul 1968


This week we have a guy for our Friday pin-up. This is the rooted hair version of Sindy’s boyfriend Paul. Perhaps we should call him Beatles Hair Paul or Mop Top Paul. He has been on my Sindy wish list for a long time so when Naomi spotted him at a good price she got him for me.

Paul is wearing his original outfit which matches Sindy’s “Weekenders”. I do not have any spare shoes for him at present but he would have had white sneakers similar to Sindy’s. Apparently there was a  green version of this jumper too but I have never seen one.

I was rather amused when I  realised that this barefoot Paul is the one who most resembles Paul McCartney. Abbey Road anyone?

I have taken a few more photos of Paul and there will be another post about him soon.



  1. Paul is really handsome, and significantly less shaggy than the real hair Justin Beiber(s)! Superior to the molded headed boys anyway! What a find! I rarely if ever have seen him other than in adds, on e-bay or swap meets. He appears to have a standard size head like vintage Ken’s and Allan’s and even my Eg guy with funny squared off shoes that don’t really seem to go with his small feet. I thought the red jumper/sweater reminded me of pics I saw on-line but in color looks so striking. He looks slimmer than Ken , is he shorter like Skippers boyfriend Kevin or just less muscle-bound than mattel’s 12 inchers .I have a 12″ Frank Sinatra Doll coming next week that looks slimmer too. Don’t have a clue yet how I will dress him. Maybe a bathrobe or in swim trunks for the summer, I wonder if there were ever proper Beatles dolls made? Singing ones would be brilliant.

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    • My sister and I had Beatle dolls with small bodies and giant heads with rooted hair. We absolutely loved playing with them. When I think of all my childhood dolls that my mother threw away, I could cry. The original Barbie as well…


    • There was all kinds of Beatle memorabilia but nothing fashion doll sized and strangely nobody has done a good celebrity doll of any of them. Maybe to do with copyright. Pedigree Paul is around the same height as Ken. He is probably slightly more well built than vintage Ken but not as muscle bound as the later Ken’s of the 1970s.


  2. Looks like he cleaned up ok. He was really dirty and had some marks on his arms and face. His hair was matted and his clothes dirty. I gave him a bath and washed his clothes before passing him on to Vanda to do his hair and redress him. He was a very good find and it was lucky how I spotted him as I was looking for Betsy instead. I knew Vanda did not yet have him. Some of these dolls you just have to grab at the time as they rarely pop up again. Most sellers have this particular doll at very high prices.


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