1968 Pedigree Paul

As I mentioned on Friday this Paul has been on my wish list for a very long time so I was very pleased when Naomi got him for me.

Naomi warned me that he had a few issues. The seller had told her that he smelled a bit smoky. She didn’t think he was that bad but gave Paul and his clothes a wash before she gave him to me. I certainly could not smell anything nasty when I got him.

Paul did have a couple of other issues though. His hair was a bit matted and he had a purple ink mark on his face. Also one of his legs was longer than the other.

1968 Paul’s legs

A shampoo and conditioning improved his hair and Oxy 10 removed the marks on his face. They are still faintly visible so I might give him a couple more days but it has worked very well on the whole. I wish I could say the same for my poor green ear Barbie.

I was intrigued by the leg issue though. I wondered if Paul had been Frankendollied or if it was a design fault so I did some reading and also compared him to the two Paul’s I already have.

1968 was the last year that Paul was made before he was revived by Hasbro in 1987 with a completely different look. According to the information I found he should be marked made in Hong Kong on his neck but with an unmarked torso. My Paul has markings on both his neck and torso.

While I was looking at the other Paul’s I found that one of them also has one leg longer than the other although it is not so pronounced as on 1968 Paul. So while it is possible that both of these dolls have been repaired I’d say it is equally likely that they were made that way.

Some Paul’s have one leg longer than the other.

While I was examining Paul I could not help thinking that his arms looked a little out of scale to the rest of him. He is the same height and build as my other two Paul’s unlike Naomi’s much smaller 1967 Paul.

Sure enough when I compared him to one of the others his arms are definitely shorter.

1968 Paul has shorter arms.

It has been noted that the limbs of the 1967 miniature Paul do not fit him very well so it would not be a great surprise to find faults in other dolls as well especially as a lot of them were put together in other countries such as South Africa and New Zealand from parts sent to them from the Hong Kong factories. That explains a lot of discrepancies amongst dolls. Once it was known that Paul would cease production they would have just used up whatever parts were available so a regular sized Paul could end up with mini Paul arms.

1967 Miniature Paul owned by Naomi.
The height difference between 1965 &67 Paul dolls
The height difference between my Paul on the right and Naomi’s on the left.

Although it makes ID’s a headache sometimes I do rather like Pedigree’s “Waste not want not” attitude.

Pedigree Paul dolls.
My three Paul’s.

Identifying Paul: http://www.petradolls.co.uk/paul_dolls_information_page.htm




  1. So were the legs meant to be like that or not? I thought he was broken when he arrived. They don’t have nice bodies.


  2. As Mr. Spock was fond of saying,”Facinating!”, Look like cousins at a family reunion. Very attractive faces.was comparing the hands and torsos to two Uneeda boys I have. The 10″ is just different because of his oversize head and long arms, similar torso.. 12″ guys hands were similar but propotunate. Very short feet but wide.Very attractive outfits though, might there be a all male fashion show in the future?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I must say as well – your three Pauls are very fetching. They have exquisite dressing sense! 🤗


  4. now it’s up to home stylist/designers to up the fashion quotient ..I remember when you could design something on the computer, print it, cut it out ,and adhere it together..pretty fragile stuff..can’t imagine any survived .The replacement fabric scraps on paper that went in the printer were expensive and soon impossible to find. Still now a days we are finding patterns in even modern magazines. I’ve found great sweaters/jumpers at the fed ex store before Christmas, designed for wine bottle covers..(Dr. Littlechap size.. and theres always unmated socks for swim trunks enough for a swim suit callender shoot, etc..


  5. I don’t know what happened, had to be someone else’s link,and I couldn’t find it either. (Even looking through blog notes.) I did find petradollsco.uk.link…for more Paul info, hope I don’t loose that as I just bought a 1987 Paul from UK, not as cute as yours but he will most likely fit Ken stuff, plus he’s different from any of my other guys and I love different facemolds.

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