Russian Dolls

I was wandering around the house looking for things for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge that were made of wood. I’d been crook all last week with a bad back and sore hip so I hadn’t been able to take any new photos. I came across a lot of stuff made of wood and one of them was my set of Russian Dolls. Vanda gave me these years ago as a birthday present I think. It could have been Xmas but I don’t remember now. I have them displayed on this desk as I still really like them. They are such pretty colours and I’ve always been facinated how they fit one inside the other until you get down to a teeny weeny little doll. I’d love to get a few more to go with these ones. I thought I would do a short post on them today. They are a set of five and all identical. You can get sets with more dolls in of course.  Underneath there is a label that says SP “Viking” Cena. This is printed on the label. In pen next to these words are the number 38 and what looks like CN19 but I can’t be sure.I don’t know if it’s hand made or factory made. I’d like to have a set as cats. Once I saw sets featuring rock bands and they had The Rolling Stones. I think they were getting carried away there. Well I can’t really tell you any more about my particular dolls so here are the pictures.

Russian Dolls
Russian Dolls




  1. Have seen these Russian nesting dolls at the county fair as recently as last month, of course yours are more lovely as the faces are not so stern as some. Animals would be wonderful subjects, and celebrities have been done as well, I once saw Britney Spears ones on E-bay. I think Kiss would be great too, or for me the Bee Gees or Abba. I am missing the Pandora Kiss and 80’s music as my cell phone went missing when I was doing inventory. Your post cheered me from trying to locate my needle in a haystack, thanks! Good luck with your photo.

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    • Well I’m pleased you liked what I have posted. I hope you find your phone. I love to have music in my car and at home when I have boring housework to do. I love the 70’s and 80’s music. I like the Bee Gees song “You should be dancing” Gets me moving every time.


  2. I remember getting these when David and I were in Moscow. I’m not sure if they are handpainted or factory made there were a lot of shops and stalls selling them. I remember that around this time political ones were very popular too. Gorbachov, Reagan and Thatcher in particular but I like the traditional ones better. Forgot to tell quarantine about them when we came home but they didn’t check.

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    • I saw some with all sorts of cats on them at some sort of fair In Adelaide. There was one set I wish I bought with tabbies and another with white fluffy cats with a blue back ground. Very pretty and I think hand painted. I could not afford them at the time. There were very big in size.

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  3. Michaels craft stores used to have blank ones ou could decorate yourself, now they’re on e-bay. Lillian Venon has cat ones 28.95 U.S., And Animal ones and my fave, The nightmare before Christmas! Wow, The skys the limit with these wonderful pieces of art.

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