Experiments with Backdrops


I have a lot of trouble finding somewhere to photograph dolls which has good lighting. I really should make or buy a light box to photograph them in but in the meantime the kitchen has become a favourite room because it gets a lot of natural light. I do get tired of the blank walls though and wanted to do something else. At this time of year taking dolls outside is not always an option though.

Recently I bought two backdrop posters from The Tiny Frock Shop to use for fashion doll shoots and this afternoon I thought I would experiment with one of them for the first time.

For today’s experiment I attached one of the backdrops to the wall with Bluetac and placed a doll on top of two boxes placed on  a chair. Previously I’d had her on the kitchen bench but she was too far away from the wall. I took several photos with and without flash trying to find a setting which would not produce too many shadows. I need to iron the backdrop too which has creases from being folded for shipping.

Integrity Poppy Parker
Integrity Poppy Parker against the backdrop

I was rather annoyed when my battery went flat after just a few pictures and even more so when I found I had forgotten to recharge the spare. As I could not take any more pictures I spent some time editing the photos. I had used my 18-55 mm lens on maximum zoom so once I had the pictures on the computer I cropped them and used Picasa to adjust the lighting.

Here is one of the photos cropped to a portrait.


I will be having another try at this over the weekend if I can as by the time the camera battery is charged it will probably be a bit too dark.  I will share the results good or bad.

By the way the last time I was browsing The Tiny Frock Shop still had  a few of these backgrounds left.




  1. Will have to check it out ,took a few shots with my phone of a bath mat from a local thrift store that has a beach scene that worked for my Hawaiian kira doll..then the phone went missing. moving storage can be hazardous to your memory I guess.Going to set up a Toy story play room at my mother-in-laws place to attract the grandkids back there.Vintage toys are just enough of a novelty to do that.Your poppy is lovely.Almost an Audrey Hepburn look to her. Will have to check out Tiny Frocks Shop.


    • Yes she has got a bit of an Audrey look. I think that series of Poppy Parkers was a retro style set although I don’t know a lot about them as they are HTF in Australia. I was lucky to get two at a great price from an Australian eBay seller.


  2. Thanksagain from me as well as I got a studio backdrop from them, and as soon as my cell quits glitching will have some photo fun. Meanwhile back at the Ranch house, packing, re-shifting boxes in the garage after finally finding my father-in-laws super massive Wiley Coyote,I found a sweet old friend hiding among the white Christmas bears and Lambs, A bear I remember because Paul McCartney wrote a lovely story with music in it and his mother kept calling him away from his adventure..Rupert..Now to be certain he has been re-dressed as he was getting lot in all that white fluff. I know white shorts and a hawaian print shirt are nothing he would typically be dressed in, it was all I could find to fit.I do have a new sweater/jumper and cap that might do for Christmas.

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    • I remember Rupert if he is a white bear he usually usedt to be shown in the Rupert books with a red sweater and yellow trousers with black check I think, and a matching scarf. I think Naomi has a couple of Rupert the Bear Annuals.


  3. great! was going to research him but got distracted by a clone that arrived, that looks like Ken by M.& S. Shillman, and remembered the only other male in my clones case was a Shillman too, So I can dress him properly. He is a yellow blond with a heavy legs to hip body with light plastic torso above ,and facing back straight arms.an other mystery but fun.

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