Fashion Doll Friday – Sheath Sensation 1961-64

Jan is today’s Friday Girl. Jan is of course a Red Basics Barbie so of course she looks good in red. Today she is modelling a vintage Barbie dress called Sheath Sensation. This is a sneak peek of an upcoming post.



    • They were but very frustrating to dress, especially the double bent arm ones. I’m a bit scared of breaking the neck knobs as the dolls would cost more to replace here though the Made to Move’s are getting cheaper now.


  1. This lady in red is sizzling hot! The Basics had gorgeous, sophisticated face sculpts but I only have a couple because they are costly and have the stiff poses. I just got the new The Barbie Look City Chic doll. I like her urban attire since I live in a big city. I have not liked many of the other face sculpts for this line. The other new Look doll is a curvy AA one so Mattel seems committed to doll diversity.


    • They were the first ones that I reallly liked a lot after the end of Fashion Fever and I have a lot of them. Some were gifts, some I was able to find on special and a couple I wanted so badly that I paid full price for them.


  2. Fabulous doesn’t cover this gorgeous pairing of the perfect doll with the perfect dress. My homemade/no tag red sheath doesn’t compare on Misty,did try it on the brunette 35 ann Barbie but the red Scarlet o’ Hara dress suited her better. I’m hoping to win one similar to your’s soon but Jan has such grace, how did you pick her name?


    • We are not displaying them at present but would like to once we worked out away to do it. I’d never thought of laminating I have to admit. At the moment they are stored in boxes and will remain there until we have a new house and a new playroom.


  3. I did win the gal but aside from the red lips and blond hair (longer) she’s different enough I need to name her ,she’s from 1991 with one bent arm (R) and one that goes on her hip. She looks good in the red sheath but doesn’t fill it out like your Jan. My Date Ken turns out to be someone else even though the seller advertised him as such, Wrong year1997 and they cut most of the curls off the back of his head, I still think he’s adorable but wish he had brown eyes,I wonder if the name Curtis suits him. He will be hangin on my beach set in board shorts till his “date clothes” arrive. Thinking from now on putting brown eyed ken in my criteria box. My bad for not going newer.Curtis will have to take out Sheath girl when he is properly dressed.


    • Naomi has had some success with repainting Ken eyes. She did one for me because I wanted brown eyes not blue. I think she just used acrylic paint and it worked fine.


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