Fashion Doll Friday – Ballet Star Barbie 2000

Today’s Friday Girl is Ballet Star Barbie from 2000 one of many ballerina dolls Mattel has made over the years.
This one has the Fashion Fever body with articulated legs. Her arms are the ones that Barbie collectors actually call ballet arms.
Tracie as I have named her is wearing a Fashion Avenue outfit.



  1. Lovely doll and outfit, I like her neat updo befitting a dancer. I just tried yoga and the mountain pose consists of standing with arms held away from the body. It appears that that many of my Barbies are doing yoga:)

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  2. The same hairdo as Granny from Bugs Bunny so never could really get into buns however she seems to carry it well.


  3. Would she be bald if you took it out? I remember undoing ponytails on cheaper dolls when I was a kid and was always horrified to find they were bald in the middle of their head so you had to find a rubber band or ribbon and do it up again.


    • I’m not sure. I do know that if I took it down and she was I would have a lot of trouble putting it back as tightly and I don’t think it would be long enough for a ponytail.


  4. too true..I have a holiday Barbie of my daughters who’s bun never quite looked right again. I think she attempted pig tails but it didn’t look right. I saw a doll like your’s on e-bay before, it was wearing a crème tu-tu, was that her original outfit or a replacement?


  5. lovely, pink would be perfect..I think I have yet an other franken-barbie or Teresa as it happens to be .Head says 1990 body says 1993. She has straightish (tiny bend) arms and flat feet and where the knees bends, springs to make them lock.Locked straight her feet are completely flat. Bent her feet have the little rectangle on the feet shift. Never have seen any thing like this.Standard face w/ open smile ,missing earrings, small fringe cut to the side on front.came in 1 pc dresstop part has lace3/4 sleavelRuffles attatched skirtw/ attatched knit panty.good shape for used except will need to restyle hair.She was a bargain but I a mystery as well.Havwe you seen this mechanism in any of your finds..not covered in any of my reference material.


    • The first gymnast Barbie with articulation came out in 1993. I don’t think I have seen one with the mechanism you mention but will do a bit of searching myself.


  6. The mystery Teresa might be Speedo Teresa from the 90s. She came with a sort of block, where her feet locked into and then you could push a button and she jumped with a flip from the block into the pool. I’m not 100% sure, but the line might have sold under the name Flip N’ Dive as well.


  7. I think you might be right Andrea. I looked at the ads for her and she does sound like she has the features Laurel’s doll has. Mystery solved. I don’t remember her but I had just started collecting in 1998 and i would have been buying standard Barbies if i bought new as I didn’t have anything for a bathing suit doll to wear.


  8. OMG!! Thank you for posting about her because I have the same type! Except mine says she’s for 1999. But they look the same!


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