I recently got myself a Tutti doll. I haven’t really bought meself a lot of dolls in the past few years. I got Baby Ada and Baby Cocoa this year but not a lot else. My money has been going elsewhere buying other stuff. Well I was very pleased with this Tutti doll as she is in such good condition and I got her at a very good price. Here is a photo of her. I noticed that she was different to Vanda’s Tutti dolls. I’m going to get Vanda to add some more info on this doll and add any links she thinks would be good. For now I hope you like the photo.


Vanda’s Bit

I thought I had seen a photo of this Tutti before and it did not take long to find it. Naomi’s Skipper book is still at my house and has a good section on Tutti and Todd and their friends. Naomi’s Tutti is one of the dolls issued in a special outfit with accessories.

She is “Melody in Pink” Tutti issued from 1966-68. Tutti is wearing her original dress. She would have had pink hair ribbons and pink panties. I can’t see from the photo if she has these. She wore white socks and either white shoes with a strap or pink ones with a bow. The dress apparently came in either pale or dark pink. This looks like the dark pink version.

Tutti’s accessory was an orange plastic piano and bench. I have included a link to a nice photo of both versions of this doll so you can see how the original would have looked.

This one is in extremely nice condition for her age and was a good find. We’ll introduce her to the rest of the gang eventually.




  1. she’s a beach baby, w/o her panties like the copper tone (tan oil) commercials of way back when. I put my dark haired gal in a summer beach shoot with pepper and dodi in old time bathing costumes with bloomers. She sat in the life guard chair I got from Tiny Frock Shop.Her checked dress and bucket hat were perfect.

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  2. it’s really about enjoying our collections, in my case rotating them so every one gets to see the light of day. My next adventure will be a jam session with Totally hair Ken and some of my musical celebrities.


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