Fashion Doll Friday – Movie Date Ken 2000

Today we have a Friday Guy just for a change. Last week Naomi brought me back the last of my stuff that was at her house and this included a box of Ken’s and clothing. I had not seen these dolls for two years so I decided to pick one to use today.
I have a small collection of Ken’s and Movie Date Ken was always one of my favourites. His brown eyes and curly hair gave him a slightly different look to the standard Ken that was being made at that time. He has a non articulated body with the bent arms. Originally he came wearing khaki cargo pants and a blue, white and yellow tee-shirt. He carried a tray with pop corn, a drink, chocolates and the movie tickets. Only one of each so perhaps he and Barbie were going to share. Movie Date Ken was also made as an African American version although I can’t recall now if he was sold as Ken or Steven. That version never made it to Australian shores.

I do have the original clothing and most of the accessories still. I know that popcorn is sitting in the Tammy House right now. However I liked Ian, as I call him, in the outfit he had on so I left him in it.



  1. When something doesn’t make sense in a movie/t.v. program, we just say it was in the script. Maybe it was like a wedding and Barbie is his plus one. I found it interesting that all the pic’s I saw of this doll on-line had blue eyes, and the Black version was called Ken (on the box), but looks like Stephen. Keeping Ken even had some cute pic’s, but your brown eyed version is a dream date.(Btw)like your date night outfit better too.

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    • I don’t think I have seen Movie Date Ken with blue eyes although the standard Ken’s of that era mostly did have blue eyes. I have brown eyes so I’m attracted to brown eyed dolls.


  2. In our family my dad has blue eyes and all six girls had blue eye, my mom has brown and my two brothers have brown, maybe it’s the novelty of brown and green eyes, even some violet eyes I find more dramatic. I do have a Disney doll that looks like Snow white with blue eyes but, something about chocolate brown eyes and dimples or green eyes works.This doll was part of a mixed lot for me with a prince and witches boyfriend.My thrift shop doesn’t appear to carry Barbie or Kens anymore, they have a sister store that sells loads so I guess I will be donating some to relatives/Disney, or have a yard sale.


  3. yes but may go to my folks closer to San Diego, higher end buyers there, less nickel nellies hagling me down by degrees,I’d rather see them go to fellow collectors /family/friends than scalpers I am likely to be seeing in other yard sales Marked up. My husband saw !2′ figure/G.I. joes at a gun show and though $50 was crazy to ask..but I told him some NRFB go for hundreds. The mints are easy enough to re home or donate for tax credit. But many of my duplicate dolls are well loved and played with.A few are becoming character dolls like my green Cher as an Oz witch.The keeping Ken spot has come in useful as I can use same year Ken’s(facemolds) as certain princes and just re-dress them.

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  4. The Kens parts section, that talked about the different faces was through 2010..I only have a few Kens newer than that. I am also hopeful it will whittle some of the ones down that had faint or no real marks.If I can pair up similar time frames I can box up things to be displayed together, I’ve added a few more twilight dolls as the first book hit it’s 10 year mark, but I need more space.I don’t like the father in the series/look .Wonder if Tonner has a better looking Carlile.


    • I thought the Tonner dolls looked very nice but of course they are bigger. I’ve yet to buy the larger sized fashion dolld but hope to get a couple one day. The Tonner’s are probably my favourites as the Gene’s have weird eyes.


  5. Yes, a little overly large and dramatic for the face, but in every other way lovely.My Gene is redressed in a Spanish style dress that goes with the dramatic old Hollywood look. She is standing between Groucho Marx and John Wayne and Laurel and Hardy so needs to stand out. I’m a sucker for redheads so wouldn’t rule out buy an other if I could find a well loved one at a reasonable price.I found a sheath pattern for her in a magazine that I am digging through remnants for.

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  6. mystery solved..I think my boy/movie date guy with a bad haircut is the 1997 version..I hope his date outfit comes soon because my Ken togs are pretty sparse. China knock offs is what I have left ,and they take six to eight weeks to arrive.Should have had my sister in law bring some stuff home as she is there re-newing her dual citizenship there.She is so gorgeous they should make a doll like her it could be Kira’s cousin(but taller).

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