Fashion Doll Friday: Moxie Girlz Avery circa 2010

The other day we had a bunch of Bratz dolls come in to the Op Shop. Usually when we get Bratz dolls they have lost their feet and even I can’t muster much enthusiasm for trying to make them look better.However, most of these were in pretty good shape, they had their feet and what looked like their original outfits so I took them home to tidy their hair and photograph them.

I am not a big fan of Bratz. I don’t like large-headed dolls on skinny bodies and I don’t like the make up on the Bratz. They look like brats to me and I don’t find that cute. When I picked up this doll I thought she was a Bratz clone but I liked her face better than the others and I thought that her outfit was cute.

Moxie Girlz Avery

After I photographed her today I decided to look her up and see if I could find out who she is. She was marked MGA Entertainment and I discovered that she is actually one of the Moxie Girlz. The Moxie Girlz were introduced in 2009 after a law suit brought by Mattel saw Bratz taken off the shelves for several years.

I do quite like Avery but probably not enough to keep her. She will be going back to the Op Shop on Monday.

Avery is one of the second wave of Moxie Girlz and was sold in a two pack with a brunette doll called Merin. Here is a link to a page about them.



  1. Wow.Almost like the difference in Barbie and Skipper. I don’t hate Bratz but am interested in the repaints on them where some of the hard edges come off and they look like kids, which would make me wonder what repaints on these would be like.Some of the Disney dolls have the oversize heads making them seem somewhat cartoonish Also it makes the Princes and princesses look funny together.I wonder why this line didn’t have any boys., theDisney Decendants ones that resemble the people in the show/series, have bigger heads too,Are they trying to appeal to a younger play base?,.Would love to be a fly on the wall in their development meetings..Pretty dolls thouh,, with pretty names..


    • I have seen some of those Bratz makeovers online. I think they are great and a big improvement. I just find large heads on small bodies is a look that does not appeal to me whether it is Bratz, Blythe or Monster High or any of the other dolls of this type. I am not sure if they are trying to appeal to younger kids. Maybe, it does look more cartoonish to them.


  2. I’ve noticed a lot of merchandising directly from videos/movies etc..some coming out before the featured show/game..the Funco POP series runs the gammit. Any thing/ existing in pop culture, can be reproduced in these cartoonish boxed figures.Bridging a gap between gamers,and collectors alike.These figures don’t even have to resemble anyone, except in a cartoonish way..the package even says age 3 plus. Now MIB, has a new box.So maybe the whole big head thing is already the forward trend.Maybe repaint’s/ recycling, re-emagineing ou toys is also the new trend.Avery would make a charming fairy or Mother goose character, if repainted.I’ love to eplace some of my porcelains with smaller vinyl interpretations, maybe Avery would make a good model.


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