Dolls House Furniture: Part Five

Marx Split Level House

I know it has been quite a long time since the last dolls house post. There are so many things to write about that sometimes things get put aside or forgotten for a while. So today I wanted to show you the last lot of dolls house furniture from Naomi’s collection.

This is Marx furniture again. This furniture is from their Contemporary style range and this stuff was made especially for the Marx Split Level House. It really doesn’t look so good in the older style wooden houses so this time I’m just showing it as it is. This furniture is in what is referred to as half-inch scale or 1:24.

The Marx Split Level house was a tin litho house produced for the first time in 1959. There are some good photos of it online and I will include a link at the end of this post as there were several variations to the inside and what was available with it.

Here is a photo of Naomi’s house. I don’t have any photos of the interior as this one was taken several years ago and I did not want to make all the furniture fall over by turning it around.

The Marx Split Level dolls house.
Marx Split Level
The Marx Split Level dolls house.

Here you can see some of the living and dining room furniture including this narrow cabinet with phone.  You can see the detail much better in the neutral colour scheme. The Radiogramme has the Marx logo on the front. Marx made some very detailed pieces for this set as you can see they have added decorator touches like phones, books and vases and even what looks like an ashtray on the coffee table. This was the fifties remember. Everyone smoked indoors.

The living room and dining room furniture.
More Living room furniture in 1:24 scale
The Radiogramme

I really like the double bed and bedside tables in this set. The cot really belongs with the nursery set. The nursery also has a play pen, high chair and rocking horse.

Bedroom furniture for the split level house.
Marx High Chair
Marx High Chair

As I think I mentioned in another post there were a couple of different styles in Marx furniture but these are mostly Contemporary. Here is the bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture.

The Kitchen.

kitchen table and chairs.
I think this is the 1:24 scale fridge.

Americans call this the Utility Room. We call it the laundry.

The Washing machine and dryer and a mangle.

Some of the houses came with accessories for the garden, a swing set or a pool and some even had  a car. We don’t have these yet but never say never.

Here is the link I promised.




  1. Very cute set. Loved the radio and that bathroom cabinet style sink is the first one I have ever seen for one of these houses. Fun to play with!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think Naomi and I have the same bathroom set except I have two single sinks and a corner tub as well.,I love the dining table and wide seat chairs! Is it feasible to paint the screen on a t.v. set gray?I have a beige one I love but an all red one looks funny. I need people too, my mini Disney figures look fine in the play room but my doll house dolls and mini Barbies are still too big.Love seeing these tin houses. Also your bit on the new chimney’s in an other blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I imagine you could paint the screen, you might have to lightly sand the area first to give the paint something to stick to. Maybe experiment with a damaged piece of furniture first.


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