Favourite Faces – Teresa

Recently on Fashion Doll Friday I’ve been featuring some of the Fashion Fever Teresa’s.  I have been asked which is my favourite Teresa and that is a very hard question to answer because there are several. I just really like that face mold. I’m not such a fan of the earlier Teresa’s or the later ones. They are OK but they don’t have the same character in their expressions for me.

This face mold was being used from about 1990 until at least 2010. I have Fashion Fever and Basics girls with this face. The Teresa face was also used for Hispanic Barbie. Here is one of my favourite twist and turn body Teresa’s

One of the controversial Butterfly Art dolls.Butterfly Art Teresa 1998

Here are my girls from the Fashion Fever  and Basics eras.

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If you would like to see some other Teresa’s here is a link to Kattis Dolls Teresa page.



  1. I have a number of Teresa’s as well, really like her facial expressions. She just looks lovely. Recently purchased 3 Tammy dolls and 2 Peppers. The Mom doll from the Tammy family is on it’s way to me. I have really fallen for the Tammy dolls, their lovely sweet faces, well I’m hooked. Thank you for this outlet, somebody to talk to about dolls.

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    • The Tammy dolls are lovely as are the Pedigree Sindy’s. I was always fascinated by Tammy actually having parents although I could not buy them as a child I have them now.


  2. I imagine I’ll find a Teresa at my parents place from when I was Diversifying the plain ol Barbie stash in the toy area, I Haven’t won any auctions for them so will have to be content with just a few. Though planning on getting an articulated one as I’m getting a Liv horse and I’ll need riders.I have a 1995 Mige that looks as if they couldn’t decide if she should be Teresa or Midge.She has brown hair with red streaks brown eyes and freckles..I think she’s called something like Autumn Glory.With a yellow crop top pedal pushers with a floral rainbow look, hair with a thin braid, to her knees,


  3. I agree with you about the Teresa era you highlighted and those dolls are my favorites as well. Her face screening is compelling and she is the perfect foil to blond Barbie. I was finally able to acquire the Basics Teresa in black and she is lovely. I also recently acquired the new Look doll in grey sweater dress. It frustrates me that some of the dolls in this line have poor face screening, I particularly dislike the vapid Millie face so am grateful I can still acquire Fashion Fever and Basics dolls on ebay.

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    • I have one of those sweater dress dolls on the way to me. First new doll I’ve liked in ages. I really don’t like the faces on current playline dolls. They are vapid,, I agree.


      • I’m excited to see how you like the city hipster Look doll and seeing your post on her. I also have the Party Perfect one but don’t care for the others. I see them on sale on the Mattel site and wonder if it’s due to high production or slow sales. Wish they would throw us a bone by offering a male Look doll, is that too much to ask? The other new doll is curvy AA so they continue to offer diversity.

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      • A male Look doll. Wouldn’t that be great? Naomi and I were very disappointed in the latest playline offerings to put it politely. We had been hoping for something like the Basics guys but with articulation.


  4. My search for the perfect doll has been frustrating as it’s hard to find the perfect visage with an articulated body. I finally realized that, thanks to you, I already have her in my collection and she’s (drumroll please) Fashionista Racquelle aka Marissa. Her dark locks, expressive, Asian? face and poseable body are ideal. I was able to get her new and she is not easy to find. When I first found your site, I used it to pick out dolls and closets I wanted and have been trading ever since. Thanks and keep posting 🙂

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    • We will and I’m happy that you were able to use the blog this way. I have found such a lot of good information on other bloggers sites that my main reason for starting this one was to share pictures and information with others.


  5. I wish Mattel would offer male made-to-move dolls with rooted hair. I am encouraged that they are offering more dolls in different sports attire but, sigh, find the faces lacking. Such a shame that these dolls are often just used to re-body.

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