Favourite Faces: Midge/Diva

One of my favourite face molds is the one first used back around 1985 for Diva from Barbie and the Rockers. In succeeding years it was used most often for Barbie’s on again off again best friend Midge.

Here are some of my favourite Diva faced girls. Surprisingly, considering how much I like this sculpt, I don’t have many.

Dance Action Diva 1986 is  the only one of my Barbie and the Rockers dolls who  survived my last big cull. I did have the 1985 Diva but did not like her heavy make up so once I decided to let my musician collection go she went. The second version was a market find and had her hair cropped when I found her. I tidied it up and thought I might eventually get her a wig but really she is so pretty the short hair doesn’t detract at all. It also means she can wear hats.

Jewel Mermaid Barbie was another early find and as she was not in her original outfit I did not feel badly about giving her a haircut and a home perm. I also dislike ankle length hair on dolls, not realistic enough for me.

Naf Naf Midge is a foreign issue doll who was made for the European market. Naomi picked her up for me when she was on holidays in Singapore. I call her Roxanne. I lost her original earrings which were yellow but luckily found this pink pair for her.

I love my redheads but I think the Diva face looks great with blonde hair too. Becky is one of my absolute favourite Barbies. She is of course Black Basics Barbie-09.

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A very good site for identifying Barbie head molds.




  1. Enjoyed the link. I must have the non-Mattel version oh the Hannah Montana dolls, my Lily has orange hair and looks more like the actress.2007.Love the Speed racer doll even if she doesn’t much resemble the actress. But in that case I’m very glad as I’d always think of her as Wednesday Adams, or other roles she’d played. I probably have a mini obsession with Midge, in all her forms, I love 1962 Midge as much as 2010, and Mommy Midge .or Steffie face and an articulated one marked 1971 with eyelashes. Probably typo or reproduction/Ann., There’s a reason I give her her own case, Plus two with the Rockers,( and for the life of me my duplicates of her are the hardest to part with).I even have a red headed G.i. Joe she has had dates with. I love early Allan too for date adventures, he goes quite well with all Midges it seems.

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  2. The blond Basics doll is gorgeous and one of my favorites too. I didn’t realize she has the Midge face. While I have admired many of the Midge/Steffie dolls, with their pouty lips, I don’t have many. The Basics Midge, red-headed Style Midge and The Look dolls are very pretty.


  3. I enjoyed the link and seeing my favorite doll faces. It’s interesting what facial features resonate and make a particular doll irresistible. Mattel’s release of two Asian dolls, Red Ruby fashionista and made-to-move Lea reignited my enjoyment of doll collection. I particularly like the Lea, Kira and other dolls from around the Fashion Fever period. I like this line because each doll was so individualistic and had nice clothes and accessories. That’s what makes the current playline so disappointing: the lack of finesse and quality.

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    • You are absolutely right Dani and that what I miss these days. Fashion Fever were playline dolls too so not too expensive. I did find the little accessories like hats a bit expensive over here but the dolls and closets were great value for money and so individual. My only gripe with them is that they did not include more male dolls in the line. The quality was great though. I have Made to Move Lea as I really like that face too.


  4. The outfit your cut hair wore, with the faux fur cuffs looks familiar to me except mine has a matching hat.I currently have it on an 2001 AA beauty. I love your gals short hair.The eye shadow is dramatic, was she a Rocker era gal?


    • Well spotted she is the second issue Diva of Barbie and the Rockers . Same doll as the other one I have without the hair. The dress is a Fashion Avenue outfit from the late nineties. I’ll look up the date later.


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