Fashion Doll Friday: The Barbie Look-City Chic Style 2016

Today’s Friday Girl is straight from her box. I decided to treat myself to “Sweater Dress” Barbie from Amazon. I have found that this series of dolls are practically the only ones I like now that I can afford and over the past couple of years have bought several but so far none of them are deboxed and in fact all the others are now in a packing box waiting for the day I de box them in a new doll room.

I took Sweater Girl out of her box so that I could photograph her without reflections but at this stage she is still attached to the cardboard backing and I’m trying to decide whether to release her into the loose Barbie drawers or store her in the package. If I decide on the former you may see her again.



  1. I love this gorgeous doll! I debox all my dolls immediately and she’s been trying on summer holiday outfits as well as things to wear when the weather gets cooler but not cold enough for her sweater. 😀

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  2. I concur this doll is the “total package”: pretty face and hair, poseable body, cute outfit and affordable. I am tempted to debox and redress mine too. I would love to see your set of these dolls in the future. It seems Mattel is offering these Look dolls two at a time each year? Wonder if/when we’ll get a male version?


  3. Lovely..very reminiscent of 1963 and 2010 brunette skipper faces with an updated and grown up look! Her eyes are stunning! I bet she’s also fetching with her glasses..very well put together! She could rock a cross body messinger’s bag too! Lovely!

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