Another Knitting Post

I haven’t done a lot of knitting this winter. I have to be in the mood I suppose. I started again last week because I had a naked Bratz doll and a couple of Kelly sized dolls that needed clothes too. I can usually find something for a naked Barbie to wear from my own stash but I didn’t have anything to fit these so I turned to the Stickatill Barbie knitting site to see if they had patterns for Bratz and Kelly and luckily they did.

Here is what I made for Miss Bratz. The pattern showed straps made of ribbon but I decided to knit mine. I made them a little long so I just tied them together at the back.  She probably won’t stay dressed long once the kids get hold of her anyway.

Dress knitted in red 2 ply

Here is one I made for this little Kelly friend. This could have had a snap at the back but I just sewed the skirt seam and once I put the dress on her put a couple of stitches in the back to close it. This is the old Kelly/Shelly body, the new ones are taller but the dresses would still fit.

Kelly friend in hand knitted dress.

I also had a similar sized doll who is probably from the Steffi Love line of dolls by Simba. She is a little chubbier than her Mattel cousins but these patterns fitted her nicely too. This blue dress is a slightly different pattern and again rather than using snaps I just put a couple of stitches in the back.  I am still trying to perfect  the armhole on these tiny things. The white dots on her face came off with a wipe before she went back to the shop.

A blue knitted dress for this little Simba doll.

I have some larger dolls that I need to dress before our Garage Sale Trail Saturday in October so there will probably be at least one more knitting/sewing post between now and then.

I have included the link to Stickatill Barbie again as it really is a useful site for knitters. The patterns come in several languages and there is clothing for Barbie, Ken, Skipper (latest version) Kelly/Shelly/Chelsea or whatever her name is these days, Bratz and as it is a Swedish site some retro ABBA outfits to fit Ken and Barbie.



  1. So nice of you to make these cute outfits for the dolls. And thanks for the reminder about the stickatillBarbie site. It’s a fabulous resource and I see there are some new patterns since I last looked.

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  2. I agree, I hate seeing so many toys just thrown away! And near where I live there is a salvation army store, goodwill store, reuse store,PTO thrift store,and a value world store. With so many places like that, why don’t more people just donate?! Any way, never heard of this knitting site, going to try it, I usually crochet all my doll clothes- I use #10 cotton thread for a Lot of the Kelly size dolls and 2ply baby yarn for Barbie and friends. Thanks for your site! Enjoying it very much! Helen


  3. Aww, how cute. Some lucky children are going to be very pleased with their new dolls. They must feel much better going back to sell this way. 🙂 They know they are pretty.

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  4. Wow.. what a great resource! The ABBA patterns are delightful! .I need to buy smaller needles I guess, too used to crocheting or crochet-knit. Maybe I will finally finish the 6″ sleep eye dollies my Gran used to do for covering her toilet tissue rolls and as room deodorizers/sachets.I even have a boy one I wasn’t sure whether to paint or cover w/crochet. Love the dresses above especially the one w/ metallic bodice.

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